30 September 2008

Today was good.

I stayed home again, which was a wise choice, cause I had a ton of attacks still. But at least I was in my room on my bed. I have to go to school tomorrow, so I'm hoping it goes well.

After Ash got home, her and I went to the Library. I haven't been in almost a month and had a pretty large fine on some books. She got a card, and I checked out a few new books as well. I really enjoyed the walk (roll) down there. Bro came and picked us up, and then on the way back to the house he showed me where I was found yesterday...I always hate going back to a place where I'm found. It's so....uncomfortable. And it scares me...to see where I got, and have no idea how.

Well....anyways. After that Bro took us home, where we dropped off the books, we headed over to Starbucks. And we sat, and talked. It was fun.

So, now here I am. Oh..and I made a towel elephant for momma to make her feel better.
It looked like this: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p315/katylynn1692/new065.jpg

So. I'm gonna watch House, and fiddle around on the computer.


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Laura said...

Hey...good luck at school tomorrow! I hope things go well for you!!

Stay positive and know that you're in my thoughts!

:o) Laura