11 September 2008


I had a nice long post typed up, giving the statistics of what had happened, and then navigated away from the page.

I though for a second that just what I could jot down before my shower wasn't enough, and then I realized that it would be more than enough. The fact that I still remember the people who lost their lives, trying to go about their lives or trying to save the lives of those in danger, is enough. Today, during the moment of silence, most kids didn't stop messing with notebooks and such. I realize that some don't want to think about it, and some may have a tradition at home. But, the moment of silence is designed to bring awareness to the events. We as a nation promised we would never forget. But we have.

Around 3200 people lost their lives that day, and countless more have lost theirs in the war that followed that terrible event. Some were honored with schools named after them, but some got no more then a statistic. It's not fair, and its not right. To someone somewhere the person that died meant the world to them, and they lost their world.

Let's take a moment to remember the direct and indirect victims of that horrible day, and pray for those still here who live with that pain. Imagine the heartache they face on this day, and pray their discomfort gets better.

Try not to forget.
God Bless

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