31 January 2009

Time for a real post.

So. It's been a while since my last real update.

In this month....

  • I've had 4 days with attacks, one day that I also had a fugue state on.
  • I had to have a toenail removed by my doctor because it was ingrown, and I've also had a few infections due to nails coming off.
  • My headaches have gotten worse, and longer, and we're not positive why.
  • 3 of the attack incidents have been because of a stomach bug, which I'm now thankfully over.
  • We JUST got a call from Children's in Seattle today, I have an appointment at the beginning of April.
  • I also got in with a dermatologist, I see her on the 19th.
  • My next appointment with Dr. H is on the 11th.
  • I've been going to church and getting out a bit, but not much because of the attacks and being sick and whatnot. I've also missed a fair amount of school...
  • We're moving! We just aren't sure where yet.
  • I'm also getting a service dog....we're looking into it.
  • Like I said, I've missed a fair amount. Even still I did well on my finals, and hopefully passed everything this semester.
  • I still have Amy! She's been able to stay on, which has been so wonderful while we're dealing with my health problems. The consistency has been a very big help.
  • New semester!
  • When we move, we may be switching schools, so that's been one stress point.

So....that pretty much covers it.

Well, TTFN

29 January 2009

Still sick

I'm still having stomach issues. Not sure why but it sucks. I had to come home early today....




28 January 2009

Another bad day, another ER trip

This time for a possible neck injury when I went out and bonked my head. I was wearing my helmet so no real head injury but I guess my neck was bent very weirdly plus it hurts pretty badly. So I got to take a trip to the ER in an ambulance (woohoo) and get checked out. *Sigh*

The ER doc said it was probably just a strain so ice and rest.

I dislike certain portions of my life. Just sayin'.


26 January 2009

Bad day

I had an okay morning, but then it started sucking about lunch time.

I went to the bathroom, and had an attack. I was wearing my helmet so no head injury, but it still turned out pretty yucky. I was throwing up and very in and out of it, and my pulse kept going all over the place. Mom and Bro came and got me and brought me home. I'm doing better now.

Well, TTFN

25 January 2009


It's Finals!


only not so much, because I only have 3 finals...so I have it pretty easy.

Bye for now


23 January 2009

Stayed home again

I was still feeling sick today...darn stomach bug.

But I didn't throw up so no ER trip. YAY!!!

Well, tomorrow we go to look at yet another house. And...


22 January 2009

Goodish day

Today was good. I didn't go to school today because we wanted to know just how my meds affect me, all that fun stuff.

Basically I took my meds at 6:30AM and am still kinda running on high. I haven't slept since I took it this morning which, HEY that's awesome but still....

so....yeah. School tomorrow and LOTS of talking with my teachers to see how we fix finals....Oh Boy


20 January 2009

What is up?!?!

I just got out of the ER...

I apparently started having attacks, and then fell off the bed in the nurses office, then was vomiting a lot.
And telling my Dad and Bro that "something was wrong" and "I needed to see a doctor."
Which basically means that I was very sick...because I don't like ERs one bit.

So I went to MB...they gave me fluids and Zofran and warmed me up, cause I guess I was cold and my vitals were kinda screwy. And Dad talked to Dr.H, who said that for the next week or so I'm to take 54mg of Concerta in hopes that I'll do better on it. And....yeah. No fun.


15 January 2009

Fugue State strikes again

I had a fugue state yesterday after my appointment with Kris. Mostly all of what follows was told to me. It'll be in green for clarification.

After my appointment with Kris, Ash had hers. Mom was asked to stick around so she could go in for a bit. While we waited for Kris to come back and get Mom, she paid for Ashy's appointment that was today. I slipped into the fugue somewhere in here. Kris came back out and grabbed Mom, I stayed in the waiting room.

Sometime afterwards I left the office. About a block down from the building there is the entrance to the BPA trails (City managed paved biking and walking trails). I went down one of those for a while, about half a mile. Then I went off the trail and most likely fell down the hill and was found near the creek. A boy from my school was walking and found me. My sister called me and they talked, he had already called 911. I was in and out, many many attacks. I remember him saying my name, and telling me he was helping me. Soon EMS arrived, and they assessed me. They were pretty good this time, and didn't do much painful stimulation, only a bruised ear lobe.

They helped me stand up, but I wasn't ready yet. My legs wouldn't support me. We tried again, and this time I was able to stand up, get my shoes on. I tried walking a few steps and went out again. They decided to carry me out on like...a nylon tarp because I couldn't stay alert and strong long enough to walk out. I woke up again in the ambulance. The paramedics were really nice, and quiet. That was cool, because normally the paramedics are really loud and like...hyper almost. I was still going in and out though. We got to St. Francis, and they brought me into a room. The nurses started undressing me (grrrr) and got me changed, plus they put me on oxygen and started an IV to draw blood. My family was there by then, actually Ash had rode with in the ambulance. Parents talked to the doc and they started releasing me almost as soon as I got there.

One big accomplishment is that my sibs were making me laugh, and I started going out. Mom was able to catch my attention and calm me down, and I didn't go out!! I'm sure that if I had been standing up I would have still collapsed but I never went full out...!!

So...then we went home and I ate, took a shower and went to bed.

Today has been okay, I only did a half day today. We decided yesterday to do it that way. Cause I was able to talk to my teachers about my CBA's/finals, and was also able to take it slowish.

It's bugging me that there is some senior trained as a lifeguard with glasses and dark hair walking around at my school who saw me completely incapacitated and I have no clue who!!!

well, bye.

14 January 2009

not much

Day off school cause I was wiped. I have my meeting with Kris later. Peace.


13 January 2009

Math is funn

It really is. And I'm going very well in it so.
Today was good, the only issue was that by the time I got home my toe was throbbing with pain and so I took some Tylenol and crashed. Totally forgot all about dinner (It was my night to cook) so I decided to pay for pizza instead of having to scramble around trying to get something put together.



11 January 2009

I hate mornings...

And tomorrow's will suck.
But oh well.

Today Ash and I went to Border's with Bro and got our gifts. I got a calender, a cute water bottle, pencils, and some other random stuff.

Bleh for school. It did not agree with me last week and so I'm hoping this week goes smoother. Bed early and lots of sleep hopefully.


09 January 2009

Never thought

That I would pay my doctor to remove my nail for me...they tend to just fall off themselves.

But this one (the big one on my left toe) was growing back into the toe, and causing pain. Kinda like an ingrown toenail but all the way across. So, Dr. S numbed my toe (OUCH) then pulled the nail off. When it grows back in we'll just have to watch closely and make sure it doesn't grow in funky.

It doesn't hurt much yet, because he numbed it a lot, but soon...

Other than that not much going on...maybe tomorrow Bro will take Ash and I to the mall. We'll see.
Bye for now.

08 January 2009

I went to the Museum of Glass today

It was very fun. I think my favorite part was watching the glass blowers in the Hot Shop, although the Chihuly Bridge was very very cool as well.

And I was able to get my paper done, so that's good.

Well, I am very tired. I will say more tomorrow I think.


07 January 2009

Just got back

From a doctors appointment. I went in because the infection in my finger wasn't really responding to the antibiotics, plus a few other things concerning my nails. On my big toe left foot, the nail is growing back, but it has grown back in such a way that the nail is growing under the skin. If I can't get the tip of the nail out enough to get it out of the toe, Dr. S will have to actually remove the nail again and then we'll have to watch it very closely while it grows back to make sure it doesn't do the same thing again.

And we got a referral to a dermatologist, so we'll get that thing going and figure out whats going on with my nails.

Other than that, rough morning. I got plenty of sleep (I thought) but was dragging so much. Then by the time I got to school, I was falling asleep again. About 30 min after the first bell a headache hit, and I ended up laying down. Somewhere in the time I was laying down waiting for the headache to stop, I had a seizure. Now we've already determined that they are psychogenic and brought on by stress, but still. I must have been feeling very very crappy. I haven't had one of those since last June.

So. Ugg. But, I got my test done in Geometry yesterday! In all five chapters that I've done, I've gotten A's and A-'s as far as grades!! That's so cool for me, because when I did Geometry in 9th grade I barely scraped by with a C.

Bye for now

06 January 2009

17 today

More later lol.

I'm doing the edit in another color cause I can!
We went out to dinner to Red Robin, which was very fun!
Then we came home. Bro is taking us girls to Border's to get books for our presents.

So... that was my b-day!


05 January 2009

Happy almost-Birthday to me!

It's my b-day tomorrow. EEE!!!!!!

And. Today was good!
I enjoyed being back in school!
No Amy though...that sucked.

And I got kinda...ill? All day my heart was racing, (100 bpm+) and I had a very very dry mouth. But nothing else was wrong until I got home, then a headache hit HARD. But I took some Tylenol, and it helped. Still feeling a bit under the weather...it'll be okay.

So. We're moving forward with the house. We'll see what happens.

Well, I have homework!

04 January 2009

Snowing again

So no church, but I went and got coffee with Ms. E for about 30min. That was fun. So...maybe school as normal tomorrow, we'll see what the weather does.


Almost 17!

On Tuesday! I'm excited!!

In other news, we went and looked at the houses again today. There is a very high likelihood of us getting the first one we looked at. It's on 3 acres of land and zoned agriculturally, which Mom loves. It needs work, no doubt. But, still.

So. New school soon, sometime in the next three months. How stressful and sad is that???

Well, one day at a time I suppose. One day at a time.

On my way to the store then church tonight.


02 January 2009

First post of '09

And not much interesting to say lol.
Umm....just been doing homework for the past few days. School starts again soon and I'm excited!!
Conversation between Mom and Dad (and Tori) earlier:
Dad: If you can learn to drive here, you can drive anywhere.
Tori: Not really.
Mom: Most drivers have a hard time if it's wet, sunny, or snowy. The perfect conditions to drive are if it's overcast and dry.
Dad: Your Mom and I have done extensive studies on this.
Mom:It's called commuting
(Commence laughing)

K Bye