29 May 2009

So folks, we finally got news today.

UW sided with Children's. I'm having blood drawn for Lupus next week, but I have a funny feeling that's going to be negative.
They also told us that in order to have the spinal done, I have to go to either Stanford or Mayo, they can't do it.
We know we might have to travel now. But maybe my daddy will be able to figure something out here. If not, travel then.

Sheesh. I just wish I didn't have to deal with this. Don't we all though!

On the bright side, today I went back to school for the first time in almost 4 months!!! Even though I'll only have like, 15 days left, it's a start! I'm currently taking Daytrana which is a stimulant and it's cut down my attacks drastically.

Well that's all I have to ramble about


25 May 2009

Because I can't say it any better than he did.

A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver: Because I Can't Say It Any Better Than Last Year

This post hit me hard. It was read to the family and brought about a moment of silence and tears. We have family members who have fought for our country. My dad, my uncle, and my grandpa all have. I've lost relatives to wars.

I appreciate all they do and did for our country, and I appreciate all those that I don't know but still work to keep me and my family and this country safe.


24 May 2009

Shopping was fun

Mom and Ash and I went shopping yesterday.

It was fun.

We got some clothes, ummm lets see.

I got 1 shirt, 1 pair of jeans, 2 pair of flip-flops (gotta love Old Navy's 1 dollar flip-flop sale)
and....a new bag I can use in my chair. It's super cute too.

And we got things for the house from Ross. I got a new hamper so we have some more baskets for the house. I also got a file organizer, one that I can use later on, (after graduation, when I eventually move out, etc.) as well as now for school papers.

Plus, we're all (my entire family) getting new phones, which is exciting. Hopefully this new one will hold up better under my attacks, although my attacks are pretty well under control so that's good.

So. More coming in the next few days. On Tuesday, because it doesn't look like I'll be in school *sigh* I'm calling Shay (Children's) and my dermatologist to see if any of them have any news.

Hopefully I'll be able to get back in school soon. I already have first day planned out, down to the clothes I'll wear, because I'm hoping that will help alleviate any stress I might have. That way any new stress is just there for me to deal with, not piled on top of other stress.



21 May 2009

No school yet

I'm still not back in school, and we still haven't HEARD from the school, so I don't know when I'll be starting next week either.

Today was much fun though. I got up and almost immediately after I left with a friend who live in OR most of the time. We had a pretty good day hanging out and just doing pretty much nothing.

It was fun to get out without family and just feel normal.


Tomorrow will be cleaning....and...maybe some shopping. I kinda want a watch and I definitely want some shirts for summer. A lot of the ones I have don't fit right for my chair, as in when I'm in my chair they're much too low cut. Everyone is about 2 feet above me, so I try to cover up a bit extra.

And...hmm, I don't know what else. Yeah. No school tomorrow or Monday, so I would only have four days if I started on Tuesday, so I'm kinda wondering if I'll even get four days in next week.


Bye for now

20 May 2009

Back to school

So...I think I'll be going back to school sometime this week.

I'm feeling...apprehensive.

I don't know....I don't know if I'm ready yet. And I know that might be silly, because it's not a new school or anything...But I've been gone for the most part of almost three months. Actually it's closer to four.
When I start again I'll be switching some classes around, not teachers, just classes. I'll only have four classes now, and I won't start until 9:30.

Hopefully this will go smoothly. Hopefully I won't need to mess with my meds to help me get through the day, because that always throws my body off.

And biggest hope of all, I hope I'm able to get back on track for next year. My counselor thinks that maybe I'll be able to get back on track to do junior classes next year.

So. More on this later tonight or tomorrow.

Bye for now,

18 May 2009


Ash and I went to the park next to the library and just sat. It was nice out, sunny without being too hot, so that was good. I used my chair. We started off at the park, but there were a lot of kids, and both Ash and I just wanted to sit outside in the quiet, so we rolled over to in front of the library and sat there for a while, and I drew a rhododendron...
Then when it got too sunny and hot we went up the little hill towards the fire station cause there is a BIG oak tree with nice shade and a little dirt patch I can park my chair in.


It was a good day.


We had a BBQ

And it was fun.


The barbecue was great, Blake and Nick and L came over.
Very good food, good friends, good time

I didn't end up going to church yesterday, because the heat of the day plus the combination of me just being worn out would've been too much.

So Ms. E and I just went to Starbucks instead and sat under an umbrelly outside. And she brought ROO!!! He's soooooo cute. And lovey.

Thennnn....home, bed.

Pretty much.

But yeah.

Bye now,

15 May 2009

I seem to be failing at this whole "posting" thing...

I know, I know. I suck

I haven't posted in forever...well, like, a half a week. BUT.

Nothing much has happened either.

Ummm....an exciting piece of news is about the boat. Ashy is part of Sea Scouts, and she's been wanting me to come. Mom was worried I'll fall overboard and die. I understand her fear, however many times I may scoff at it.


Some things have now been sorted out.
When I'm able to go on the boat, I will stay below the entire time we're sailing.
When I'm able to go, there will be a certain skipper there....he's a doctor.
And, I'll be using a life-vest the entire time per protocol like all the other kids.

So. That may be something fun happening soon.

So. That's all, still nothing about school, nothing from Children's, UW, or my dermatologist.


11 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day and other stuff

So my last few day's have been pretty interesting.

On Friday nothing happened.

We did stuff around the house, mowed the lawn...it was nice out.
Tori and I also sat outside sunning for a while, and I had an attack, it was only like 2 minutes though.
Then I had a fugue state and wandered. I ended up like, a block from the house. I had one of the attacks that happen slowly, and I was still able to move my eyes. 911 was called, but luckly all the fire fighters knew me... That made it much easier. They called my parents and Dad and Tori came and got me and took me home.

So....then...On Saturday we also went shopping to get the rest of the things we needed for Mother's Day. We got Mom 2 waffle makers because she's been wanting some. And we also got her some roses.

Sunday morning Dad and I got up early and went to get a few more things we needed to make breakfast, and we got Mom a few more little things.
We made breakfast, enjoyed the morning, and afternoon.
Haha and I watched Mom and Tori give Boom a bath, he looked like he was going to die.

Then I got to go to church with Ms. E and her mom! It was sooooo good to be back in church...I've really missed that.
We also went to Hungry Hungry Hippos, and ended up at Olive Garden. I had so much fun!
Ms. E and I pulled G duty so his mom could eat and talk and not worry about baby.
It was very enjoyable!!!

Then, home, bed, sleep (sorta) now here we are. TADA!


Bye now,


07 May 2009


Tori and I drew in the driveway today with chalk...
Was funn!

And, I started another 2 point perspective...
I learned how to do 2 point perspectives in Printmaking last semester. And Ash got me drawing paper for Christmas. And I've been wanting to do another "City Drawing." Don't kn ow why I didn't think of it sooner.

Anyways, I had a good day, a good last few days.
Not many attacks, maybe one each day and just localized, neck drops and the like.

Bye now,


04 May 2009

I had a good day

I was able to talk to some friends plus some people whom I'm sure will become good friends.

I also spent....Oh, I'd say like, 5-6 hours out on the deck with Boomer, reading and sleeping. It was good. It was raining, but very pretty still, and I liked spending time with the dog lol.

More later, I'm tired tired.
I mean, tired.


03 May 2009


I sat on the stool and didn't fall off!

01 May 2009

Ashy's off

She left for a boat thingy this weekend.

Now it's down to four lol. That happens a lot though.

Ugg we went shopping and my fingers/hands were being bothersome...I need to get out more so my hands are used to pushing, especially since I'm starting school again soon.

I've been okay attack-wise, a few minor ones in the last couple days but nothing serious, mostly just localized.

Tomorrow we're having some family friends over in the afternoon which is cool.
And we're also going shopping.


Bye for now,