18 May 2009


Ash and I went to the park next to the library and just sat. It was nice out, sunny without being too hot, so that was good. I used my chair. We started off at the park, but there were a lot of kids, and both Ash and I just wanted to sit outside in the quiet, so we rolled over to in front of the library and sat there for a while, and I drew a rhododendron...
Then when it got too sunny and hot we went up the little hill towards the fire station cause there is a BIG oak tree with nice shade and a little dirt patch I can park my chair in.


It was a good day.


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Greener Bangalore said...

You know what....you are a future writer...trust me....you write just like that from AIR.....its not an easy task.....wishing you all the very best dear...I see a great future for you if you focus and channelize yourself.....Take Care