30 August 2009

Hi There

I've had a good week. A tired week, but good.

Monday was spent with a friend I haven't seen in almost a year. And I haven't spent any real time with him for longer than that. He's like a grandpa to me, and he only lives about 5 minutes away. Unfortunately, he's sick, I've been dealing with my health, and I haven't had the means to get to his place. So yeah. Auntie C and I went to dinner with him then ran around helping him with errands.

Tuesday was spent at home, sleeping and doing other sloth-like activities.

Wednesday I went with Richard and Auntie C to Madigan in Ft. Lewis.
We accompanied him to his doctors visits, then we went to the PX and he got some things he needed/wanted. Annnd. Then we went to L&L for dinner. They have NUMMY! food.

Thursday...Auntie C and I went for a walk. Which was fun. Except it was hot, 86 as we were leaving the library.

Friday I went with Ms. E in the morning while she ran errands than we got coffee. I <3 her and was so glad to see her!

Today (Saturday) was no meds. So my bed and I had some quality time.

Pretty much.

School starts in 4 days!!!!


23 August 2009

Seattle Aquarium again

I got to go to the Seattle Aquarium again today, thanks to Starlight's Great Escapes. I had A BLAST!! I went with some close family friends, B, N, and Little Bug.

I didn't have to use my chair this time, which means that I got to see things I hadn't been able to last time. I got to get close to the Jellyfish Tube. I got to see the things in the tide pools. And I got to see the Flashlight fish!! We wandered around at the aquarium for...about 2 hours. Then we went for a walk and ended up at this sourdough bakery place. And....Oh! And we went to Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and I got these colored stones for Mom, Ash, Tori, and Auntie C.


All in all, great great day! I truly enjoyed it!

Oh, and I'm excited for school to start. Pretty much.


20 August 2009

Good week

So, I haven't posted since Monday.

Monday was pretty much sleeping.

On Tuesday, I went to the store with my brother and got a new bigger backpack that will fit all my stuff for the new year AND have room in case I need to carry some books.

Yesterday, we (Mom, Ash and I) went to Stadium to register. We went early because I still didn't (until talking with Miss E.) know if I was doing full days or half days. Well, I'm doing full days. And I am SO excited with my schedule. I'm taking Junior English, Algebra 3-4, Biology, World History?, Medical Careers, and Sophomore English. The reason for two English classes is because I need the first semester of Sophomore English and the second semester of Geometry, so next semester I'll take Geometry in that hour. Pretty much.

Umm, today was good. Auntie C was over, she stayed the night. She's a close family friend, so it's cool. We didn't do much (actually, nothing, at all) today, except work on iTunes. Totally new to me, I've never used it before. Then in the evening after the parents got home, Mom, C and I went out. We went to a friend's house, did some coffee and other general running, and then came home.

Tomorrow we have stuff planned.

BTW, I totally forgot what I did Monday and Tuesday for the most part...so if I can remember I'll edit it later.

Bye now,

17 August 2009

Company Picnic

Hey all, sorry for the delay.

About the Company Picnic on Saturday.

Highlights include:

-Seeing K, our friend that lived in MN like we did, then her dad got transferred here about a year after my mom did, so now they live in the area! We see her every year at the picnic.

-Me pushing Dad up a hill in my wheelchair. Let me clarify...40+ man in a purple wheelchair with his daughter (who's secretly supposed to be using it) pushing him....it was a sight to see. But it was a blast. =P

-Playing Bingo since it was the only age appropriate thing for us to do. Everyone but our family friend that came with won. We played for 3 hours.

- The BEES. They were everywhere.

- Seeing Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder of the company. As my dad and I were walking in from the truck after putting some things away, he was walking in with his family. He asked us how our day was, he and my dad discussed the brew they had in the Beer Garden this year, Dad joked with one of his children, and then we wished each other a good day and went back to the family.
With how many international companies is there that interaction between CEO and employee? Probably not many.

-Ash and I rode the tractor powered hay ride and reminisced back to MN and NY days. Ah, good times, good times.

-I was allowed to do a fair amount of walking, so my legs disliked me quite a bit.

And, yeah. That was the picnic.

Then...I slept on the way home.

And when we got home, as I was walking in the garage door to the house, Dad started one of his power tools to work on one of the cars. It is LOUD and startled me, so I had some leg weakness. It only lasted about 2 minutes and I was back to being fine.

Then yesterday was no meds so I basically slept or wandered around the house forgetting why I was wandering around the house =D



13 August 2009


Why haven't I used "Tired" as a post title before?? Am I nuts? It's like....perfect.


My meeting with Kris went well, so that was good.
We talked a lot =)
After that Didi, (a friend up from Oregon) Ash and I went to the mall and hung out. I got some stuff for my room to help me keep organized this year. A whiteboard, and a paper organizer.

And then...today? Today I actually got up kinda early (for me anyways.)
Didi and I went for a walk. Then when Mom and Dad got home, I went with Mom when she took Ash and Didi to the boat.

And we had RAIN!! I mean like....North Dakota type rain. It was wonderful!

Then...we went to surprise a friend we haven't seen in like...2-ish years?
She used to be our downstairs neighbor, then she moved to California, and now she's back up here! So we surprised her tonight, and it was really good to see her again!

Saturday is my parent's company picnic. I'm excited because we get to see a friend we see only yearly. She was our (mine and Ash's) best friend in MN. Her dad worked at an Amazon partner there. Then, when we moved here, we thought we'd never see her again. Except her dad got transferred here too, so now we see her at the company picnic every year!!

So yeah. Oh, and a little good thing that happened. I got an email from a girl who is having some problems, and she reached to me for help after a friend recommended my blog.

That was cool, to know my blog is making some sort of impact somewhere.

So yeah.


12 August 2009

Going to see L!

Today I'm going to see N and L. =)

It will be funn.

Later I have my appointment with Kris. I'm excited 'cause I didn't get to meet with her for my last scheduled appointment. It was too hot.

Yesterday and Monday....hmmm. What happened?

Okay. Monday Ash and I didn't end up going on a walk because it started raining. YAY for rain! I think the dogs forgot what it was =P

Tuesday...I slept. Lots. I didn't get out of bed until like, 1. And then last night I went to bed at 8. Then woke up at midnight. Then went back to bed at 2 AM. Sleep was difficult for me for some reason.

so. Yeah.

Bye now.


09 August 2009

Med update.


Yesterday, I tried an up-ed dose of meds. I went from a 10 mg/9 hours patch to a 15 mg/9 hours patch. Just for a day to see if it would go better this time, because we tried last time with....scary results. We aren't sure if the bad attacks were caused by the higher dose, or if it's because of high emotion at the time, but anyways, we've waited a while before we go up.

It turned out great though. I was still in need of a nap, but between the nap and bedtime I didn't feel completely exhausted like I've been for the past month or so. It sucks that my EDS is getting worse, but at least the first day on new med dose didn't absolutely overtake my body.

Today Roo went home, and I didn't use meds. So I was more floppy, more tired. But even with that I was able to get some organizing I've been wanting to do done.
I was looking at my old journals/notebooks from previous grades, and found one from when I was in 6th grade in MN. It was fun looking at it and seeing how my writing style and penmanship have improved.

And. Ash and I are going to go for a walk tomorrow, so. I'm happy about that.



07 August 2009

Today was good =)

Roo is over again, he's staying until Sunday.

Today I had a rough morning...Mom says I wasn't talking clearly when she woke me up to put my patch on. I also slept until like, noon, and I didn't feel all that great waking up.


Anyways, Ash and Roo and I went on a super long walk!
(Not the best choice in hindsight, I had a few episodes of weakness and was DEAD tired when we got home..)

We had fun though. I got some books at the book sale, and then we went to the park.
We taught Roo to go down the slide!!! He loved it lol.
He gets down on his belly, army crawls onto the slide from the platform, then does this little extra push and goes down. SUPER CUTE!!


Now, bed time soon. I'm exhausted.


05 August 2009

I need some room to fly

I understand, Mom worries. It's her job as a mom to worry.

But I need some room to fly.

I don't want to feel like I can't do something because it'll upset her or whatnot.

Today, Ash and I walked to the library. It's cool, I'm on meds, there wasn't a lot to worry about. Mom and Dad came to get us on the way home. I wanted to walk home. Ash had ridden her bike down, which meant that she'd have to go home alone.

We asked if we could stay. Mom said we couldn't because she didn't want to have to stress.

I understand. If I'm not at home, then things can go wrong and Mom won't be able to control the situation. I understand that when or if I have an attack, 911 is usually called and it's stressful and a hassle.

I'm doing better. Period. Not maybe sorta kinda. I've not had to deal with any serious incidents in a while, and either have they regarding me. I had an attack yesterday and even that ended fine.

I'm not trying to make her life harder. I just want some freedom and independence.

More and more frequently I've been getting this feeling about everything from my health to school. I want to be able to make my own decisions. I want to have the ability to mess up.

I just don't want it to turn into either, I have my family's help or I don't. I don't want it to be that if I make my own decisions, I won't have their support, or it won't be freely given.

I don't know. I'm feeling kinda caged right now....


04 August 2009

Sleepy time very soon

I spent the day at Ms. E's. It was super fun, and we got a LOT done. Yay for her.

I DID scare myself into an attack while on meds though.
It was full body, but didn't seem to last long. I bumped my elbow but no major damage.

So yeah. Tomorrow I'm not going to B and N's because they've got plans. But that's okay, I'll get to sleep in tomorrow =)



03 August 2009

Going to the movieee

I will tell you how it went when I get back =P

The movie was fun =)
And we got coffee and wandered in Border's afterwords.

Tomorrow I'm going to go over to her place. And Wednesday I'm going to B and N's.

Yup yup.

Now I'm going to nap.