09 August 2009

Med update.


Yesterday, I tried an up-ed dose of meds. I went from a 10 mg/9 hours patch to a 15 mg/9 hours patch. Just for a day to see if it would go better this time, because we tried last time with....scary results. We aren't sure if the bad attacks were caused by the higher dose, or if it's because of high emotion at the time, but anyways, we've waited a while before we go up.

It turned out great though. I was still in need of a nap, but between the nap and bedtime I didn't feel completely exhausted like I've been for the past month or so. It sucks that my EDS is getting worse, but at least the first day on new med dose didn't absolutely overtake my body.

Today Roo went home, and I didn't use meds. So I was more floppy, more tired. But even with that I was able to get some organizing I've been wanting to do done.
I was looking at my old journals/notebooks from previous grades, and found one from when I was in 6th grade in MN. It was fun looking at it and seeing how my writing style and penmanship have improved.

And. Ash and I are going to go for a walk tomorrow, so. I'm happy about that.



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