23 August 2009

Seattle Aquarium again

I got to go to the Seattle Aquarium again today, thanks to Starlight's Great Escapes. I had A BLAST!! I went with some close family friends, B, N, and Little Bug.

I didn't have to use my chair this time, which means that I got to see things I hadn't been able to last time. I got to get close to the Jellyfish Tube. I got to see the things in the tide pools. And I got to see the Flashlight fish!! We wandered around at the aquarium for...about 2 hours. Then we went for a walk and ended up at this sourdough bakery place. And....Oh! And we went to Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe and I got these colored stones for Mom, Ash, Tori, and Auntie C.


All in all, great great day! I truly enjoyed it!

Oh, and I'm excited for school to start. Pretty much.


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