30 August 2009

Hi There

I've had a good week. A tired week, but good.

Monday was spent with a friend I haven't seen in almost a year. And I haven't spent any real time with him for longer than that. He's like a grandpa to me, and he only lives about 5 minutes away. Unfortunately, he's sick, I've been dealing with my health, and I haven't had the means to get to his place. So yeah. Auntie C and I went to dinner with him then ran around helping him with errands.

Tuesday was spent at home, sleeping and doing other sloth-like activities.

Wednesday I went with Richard and Auntie C to Madigan in Ft. Lewis.
We accompanied him to his doctors visits, then we went to the PX and he got some things he needed/wanted. Annnd. Then we went to L&L for dinner. They have NUMMY! food.

Thursday...Auntie C and I went for a walk. Which was fun. Except it was hot, 86 as we were leaving the library.

Friday I went with Ms. E in the morning while she ran errands than we got coffee. I <3 her and was so glad to see her!

Today (Saturday) was no meds. So my bed and I had some quality time.

Pretty much.

School starts in 4 days!!!!


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