02 September 2009

First day of school.

So, my first day back this year.


It was awesome!

I absolutely enjoyed it, even with the little snafus.

The snafus include:
-No para. A took a better, more solid job, which I have no issues with, but it makes for a rocky start to school right now. First a new para has to be found, then I'll have to explain everything to them, and I'm hoping that I won't get paired with someone who will try to baby me. Because I can't deal with that.

-A few of my classes are not as accessible as I need (I can't get into a desk without some serious rearranging at the beginning of class; I can't see the board from the seat I can use) But I've already talked to teachers and let them know if I need help, or if things need to be changed. So it's all taken care of.

-I think I may need to switch my 4th period class to a different teacher. Same subject, but I may need to have my lunch first so I can take a nap and stay awake through the rest of my classes.

All my classes went well and it was good to know all my teachers are willing to work with me with whatever adjustments may need to happen with the wheelchair.

During lunch I took a nap and towards the end talked to my PT.

And then finished out the day. Went on a LONG bus ride because the afternoon driver is new and not used to this route. But she's super nice and funny. It's cool.

Umm, then came home, and didn't nap. But I did eat.

Boomer hurt his face crawling under the deck under the original concrete pad that used to come off the back of the house. It's all sore and he's been very crabby and skittish the last few days. We've been able to spray it with antibiotic spray, but he won't let us get close enough to actually wash it. If it gets worse we'll have to take him to the vet but for now we've got it under control.

Then we went to a friend's house, talked for a few hours, grabbed dinner, and TADA! home we are.

All for now,


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