08 September 2009


So my day went like this.

Yesterday my nail (pinky on the left hand) came off.
It hurts. so.

I didn't sleep well at night, at all. Actually, I started bawling shortly after I went to bed for the night. I don't know why. My finger definitely hurt, but I'm used to it. I don't know. I think maybe the stress of everything with school and then the pain just got to me. Anyways, I didn't sleep well.

So. This morning I had a very hard time to get up. I ended up sleeping in for like, 2 hours. Then I made it to school in time for 3rd period.

My counselor got my schedule changed, so now I have first lunch. Nobody has been hired as my para yet, but Mr. A has been able to be with me the last few days and will be as long as I need him. Which is good to know, it takes some of the stress off.

I was able to leave 6th early enough to miss the rush of kids which rocks.

Then, I came home. And slept until 6-ish.

Umm, then ate dinner. =)

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. H, and with Kris as well. I won't be going to school because of how they're spaced.

So anyways.


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