30 September 2008

Today was good.

I stayed home again, which was a wise choice, cause I had a ton of attacks still. But at least I was in my room on my bed. I have to go to school tomorrow, so I'm hoping it goes well.

After Ash got home, her and I went to the Library. I haven't been in almost a month and had a pretty large fine on some books. She got a card, and I checked out a few new books as well. I really enjoyed the walk (roll) down there. Bro came and picked us up, and then on the way back to the house he showed me where I was found yesterday...I always hate going back to a place where I'm found. It's so....uncomfortable. And it scares me...to see where I got, and have no idea how.

Well....anyways. After that Bro took us home, where we dropped off the books, we headed over to Starbucks. And we sat, and talked. It was fun.

So, now here I am. Oh..and I made a towel elephant for momma to make her feel better.
It looked like this: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p315/katylynn1692/new065.jpg

So. I'm gonna watch House, and fiddle around on the computer.


29 September 2008

And this is why I love her.

Twin Sisters
Held together by a single bond
Stronger than diamonds but
More fragile than crystal.
Sharing a look
But each with a unique
Personality and perspective.
Together, we are unstoppable
While our strengths make the
Other more complete
Our weaknesses prove that,
We too, are indeed mortal
Beings, just like you.
But also show that together,
We complete each other,
And make one perfect whole.
Inseparable, unchanging, inspirational,
Ever loving, always feuding, awe-inspiring
With hopes and dreams and shared secrets.
We will never fully appreciate
What we have together,
Until it's no longer there.
Who are we, you may ask?
Twin sisters
Be jealous.

To my sissy Bri. I Loves you!!!!!
Because she's an awesome poet. And this is an awesome poem she wrote for me about a year ago. And, it's so true. And that's why I love her.

Where's the big sign when you need it.

Ya know, the one that says "I'M FINE!!! NO PAINFUL STIMULATION. NO IVs AND YES, YOU DO KNOW ME!!"

That one.

Due to the lovely drug Lamictal, and the planned dose increase, I had another blackout attack. I was playing in the backyard with Boomer while Tori was taking pictures. Well.....sorta.

So, through a side gate I went (I haven't been through either of the side yards in almost a year)

And out to the street, a few blocks over and a few blocks up, then collapse. Then firefighters, paramedics, Medic One unit, transportation, ER.

I have bruises on my left arm from IVs, bruises on my chest from sternum rubs, and my jaw is killing me from some more painful stimulation. I know, I know, they were just doing their job. But honestly, at least one Firefighter/EMT/Medic who responds on a call has seen me. I just wish they remembered me all the times...

And we still haven't heard from Dr. H. Or Dr. S.

I want to be done...so badly. I want to give up, and some days I want to do something stupid. But, I can't. I want to figure this out, and I want to go on to help people, and have a family, and have a life...

I just wish this chapter weren't so crazy.

Well, I need sleep. I'm too tired for a shower tonight, so I'll have to get up way early to take one tomorrow morning before school


28 September 2008

Put together a good laugh, a bar stool, and a Bri and...

You get one very bruised ego and a hurting hip and wrist. On the Bri of course.

Today was mostly good, except for the fall. We had a few friends over for a BBQ, which is always enjoyable. Good food, and good friends.

Well, everyone (mostly) was in the kitchen eating and talking and such. And I, being the genius I am, decided to sit on a 3 ft. stool so I was sorta out of the way. Then Ann said something funny, and I laughed too hard, and I had an attack. I landed my left hip and wrist, and also bonked my head. So I have a few bruises...

The attack was really long still. It doesn't seem that school is the trigger for these long attacks, because I promise I wasn't thinking about school yesterday or today, scout's honor. So, because Brandon no longer has a job (sigh) I'll stay home with him tomorrow. If that goes badly regardless of me being at home, I don't know what we'll do about the rest of the week.

I really think the Lamictal is at least a part of this, but I can't stop it without the doctor's permission... and it takes 2 months to get to full dosage. We won't know if it'll help with the fugue states until we get there. I can't do this for another 5 weeks, I really can't. Mom is calling Dr. S and Dr. H tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Anyways, I was talking to a good friend of mine that lives in California just a few minutes ago. He had to go because he wasn't feeling well. He has HypoKPP, and we started talking when we thought I might have it as well. He's been awesome through this though. Ever since I've known him he's been very encouraging and supportive. For those of you that pray, I'm sure he will appreciate the prayers.

Well, that's all for tonight.


27 September 2008

South Center Adventure

Today was, as the title says, an adventure.

I got up and did the kitchen, and then at about 11:30 Ms. E and M came and got me and we headed to South Center. We stopped and got lunch from Wendy's on the way.

Once we got to South Center, we parked in the parking garage and headed in through Border's. I saw an awesome calender I think Ash would love for Christmas. After Border's, I think we just wandered. We went in a couple toy stores, petted some stuffies....Oh. One of the stores we went in had Breyers and I don't think mom has quite a few of them. I smell another Christmas present!!

Then.....Um, I think we went to a store called The Body Shop. It smelled...fruity.

Then....we looked for Build-a-Bear, but it's actually in the Tacoma Mall, so we headed out.

We got up to the parking garage, and as I was getting in the car I guess I went out. Ms. E said I went out at about 2, and after 15-20 min she called my parents. But then security called 911. I guess the fire fighters were really nice....which is odd if they don't know me. Hey I'm not complaining. It's one of the few times I've come home without intentional bruises sooo.

They just helped Dad get me in the car and we went home! I started waking up on the way...I swear the truck was like...30 degrees Fahrenheit. They had cranked the AC all the way up.

When we got home I took some Tylenol, called Ms. E, then slept for a few hours.

Now here I am. Still having bad days....I wonder how school is gonna go this week...


26 September 2008

Why me??

Not really. I don't care why. I know things happen for a reason. God has some plan, and it'll work out. I wish it would happen faster, but whatever.

In case you haven't figured out today sucked as well. A lot. I had a long set of attacks, most of them were no more then 6-10 seconds apart. It took my brother and his GF's family two hours to get me in the truck....I was out from like, 7:30 to 4:00.

I'm just, I'm so tired of this crap. I want to know what's wrong with me...

And I wonder if the Lamictal has a part in this. Even though I sleep all the time, I'm still constantly exhausted, and I've had a mild headache since I started taking it. I mean, I've had three really bad days this week. And there really is no reason.

They didn't happen all at once, so it isn't like the last time I had a string of bad attacks. That time I was in the hospital for 4 days because I couldn't function. But this time it's like my mind or body or whatever is toying with me. I have a horrible day, and then I get enough sleep and feel fine to go to school or do whatever. But then out of nowhere I start having a horrible day. I don't know why, and I don't know how to fix it.

I'm sorry...I know I'm complaining...but I'm just really frustrated today.

Let's hope that tomorrow I'll still be able to go with Ms. E. I really want to get out of the house...It depends on how the night and morning goes though. I know she can't take me if she doesn't feel comfortable with it. Heck, I don't think I would given the week I've had.



25 September 2008

Headaches, headaches, and more headaches

Today was hard.

The morning went OK, I spent most of first in the nurse's office waiting for the PT person, but she didn't show on time, so Miss E rushed me to first so I could do my prints.

Then Miss E took me to my second period, where I stupidly set my bag down on a wet carpet, cause the lights were off so I couldn't see the color difference. So my bag was soaked, cause it wasn't until I went to go grab a notebook from the back that I noticed.

She came and got me from second period and we went back to the nurse's office to do the PT consult. (The lady had just been a bit late.)

We, being Miss E, the nurse, the PT lady and I talked for probably 2-3 hours. Well, 9 ish to after first lunch, so 11:07? So two.

Anyways it involved stuff like making sure a wheelchair evacuation plan was in place, Setting up a plan for the bathroom....that kind of thing.

Then Miss. E took me to lunch, then back to the nurses office to use the potty. I'm assuming all went well, I must have gone out in my chair.

I woke up the first time and the nurse was taking my pulse, and I was still in the chair...
I don't know how many times I went in and out, but I know that at some point the nurse covered me up. At about 1:50? I came around more and more, I actually felt coherent. The nurse helped me to a bed so I could get out of the chair and lay down because my back and neck were killing me. My mom was already on the way. I had another attack while I was on the bed, but I tried staying awake. Once she got there I got back in my chair and we went out to the truck.

I had a few attacks on the way home, and once we got home I had another in the kitchen.

Then I lay down and fell asleep for a few hours.

I don't know why this is happening. The last time I had more than one bad day in a week I ended up in the hossy for 4 days....

I don't know. This is stressing me out.

Anyone have advice?


24 September 2008

Med news.

Today wasn't too bad. We ran alot though.

-Dad to bus at 6:30
-Tori to school as soon as we got back from dropping Dad off (she missed the bus)
-Back home for about an hour
-Off to Dr. S, got an antibiotic for the toes and a referral to Children's
-Back home for 1 1/2 hours
-Off to pick up Tori and Ash for more appointments
-Went to Kris, I had a good talk with her
-Went with Mom and Tori to Tori's Ortho appointment
-Went and got Ash
-Went and got Dad
-Went to Wal-Mart for a few things
-Got dinner
-Came home

And here I am!!

I have the evaluation with PT tomorrow morning at school.
And more work to make up, cause of yesterday and today!
I just want my life back!!


K I'm not better but I'll say I am for the sake of moving on.

Anyways, I have some work to go over before tomorrow, so I'm gonna go.

I changed.

Cause I felt the need for one. And this is about the only place I can change things at 2:30 in the morning without making it sound like the house is falling down.

Tell me what you think?


I just want to be fixed...

Today sucked royally. And I don't really know too terribly much about it except:
-I went to the bathroom at lunchtime
-I hit my head, as confirmed by the bruise on my noggin.

I was told:
-I started having a ton of attacks, where I was very in and out of it
-When I would wake up, I would say that my head and back hurt, but 'words' were hard to distinguish.
-Ash sat with me for a bit, as did Tori and my counselor, Miss. E
-Mom came from work, but even she couldn't get me up long enough to get me in the chair, so she called 911
-The firefighters decided I needed to be taken to the hossy for evaluation, due to a possible head injury

I guess they completely immobilized me...backboard, C-collar, taped down all the way. When we got to the hospital I laid on it for like....1 1/2 hours. Which did not help with the attacks....I kept having them because I was so uncomfortable and scared. But the doctor told Mom he couldn't take me off the backboard until I could stay awake long enough to tell him where I hurt, and could participate in the exam, i.e. answer questions correctly.

So....long day.

I'm home now...but. I had really hoped that nothing to do with the attacks would ever make me leave NS by ambulance. Like, if I was pushed down a flight of stairs?? Whatever, everybody can see that I'm hurt. But the attacks, they're not like, the first thing you would think of. 'Invisible' so to speak.

Ahhhh....IDK. I see Dr. S tomorrow. Let's see what happens, and I'll get back to y'all.


22 September 2008


Ha if I don't get to bed soon tomorrow will be sucky.

Today was really good actually. I didn't have an attack at school. And I got some assignments made up. Plus, I went to Set Crew meeting with Ashy, and I'm thinking I'll join. It was really fun!!

We did some interesting team building exercises.

Well, I'm tired. And I don't think I have anything else to put down that can't wait until tomorrow. Not that the above stuff couldn't have waited but......whatever.


21 September 2008

I <3 Ms. E. Starbucks was just a Bonus.

I got to go to Starbucks and meet Ms. E, with no family. Which is always an extra special treat.

I felt kinda upset as I was talking to her, because I kept forgetting what I was trying to say. I know it may be normal, to a degree, to forget what you're going to say. But the frequency and level of forgetfulness on my part is starting to worry me. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought on Thursday?

Anyways, we talked about a lot of stuff, one subject being how much I still feel the need to get away for a bit without family. She brought up a few Leadership Camps. One is in October in Mt. Hood, and another is in May in...Mt. Vernon? Anyways, she'll be working both of them, and she told my mom and I that if I want to come, and we're able to afford it, she would be more than happy to take me to the camps and look out for me while we are there.

The one in October is a maybe, but the one in May is almost a definite. I'm excited!!!

She also said that next weekend we could go to South Center. I <3 her!

(Ms. E I know you read this. So you get a great big cyber hug. **HUGS**)


In other news.....I have doctors appointments on Wednesday. One with Dr. S in the morning and one with Kris in the afternoon. So no school, although I might pop in before school to make up a few Biology assignments.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy school day according to what we talked about with Ms. Erickson on Friday. I think I'm going to be meeting my Para and I may have a few other things happening, like getting my home set of books and such.

Oh, I moved my birdies into the kitchen for the winter. It'll be too cold in my room for them, cause I keep my room really cold, and they'll get sick. Now I have a big empty quiet space in the corner of my room =( But they seem happy, and they like the warmth =)

So, I think I'm gonna go do laundry!!
ha ha


19 September 2008


So, it's National Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. WTF??

Look, there's even an official site!


Eh, I'm not complaining. I've always wanted a reason to pepper my conversations with random "Arrrr's!!" every now and then. Who wouldn't?

Anyhoo, we had my 504 meeting with the school this morning, and it was decided that wouldn't be enough. I'm getting evaluated for Special Education on the premise that it can do more for me, such as offer alternative ways to make up work I miss, than the 504 plan can. I'll also have a Para with me, so I know I'll always have someone to walk me from class to class and not have to worry about putting that burden on another student.

I'm also getting evaluated for PT, not exactly sure why? yet but I'll know more Monday I assume.

All in all a good day....we're smoothing out the bumps at NS, the few we had, and I'm glad. I absolutely love this school, and am glad I'm going there.

And I forgot what else I was gonna say....that happens alot....

Ummm....yeah, I'm just gonna go now.


17 September 2008

*Cough Cough*

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days..I've been trying to rest. I can't believe it's only Wednesday...

Well, I started getting this cough on Tuesday, and now it's beating me up. I would LOVE to stay home again tomorrow, but I don't think Brandon is staying home, so I can't either. Tomorrow is gonna be rough.

I've been taking the Lamictal since Friday, and I've been getting dizzy, just like the doc said I would. Plus I'm really exhausted. I hope we get this figured out.

School is going...yeah, it's just going. I'm not sure how I'll hold up, not if it stays this rough. I've been constantly playing catch up. Since Day 1 I've been playing catch up.

Oh...I went with Brandon and Cece to go get Cece's niece a B-Day present today. We went to the mall. And I tried on this adorable dress at DEB. It was only 50 dollars. It was black/white, knee length, and uber comfortable. Ash wants me to go to Homecoming with her, but I don't know yet....we'll see.

Well...I know this post doesn't string together too well, I just wanted to get some info down for my few readers. And me....I proly won't remember this all tomorrow.


15 September 2008

That's not supposed to happen.

Sooo....really rough morning. It totally didn't go how I wanted it to.

I had a "blackout attack" today.

I'm not sure what happened really...the last thing I remember is being in the elevator.
But I certainly wasn't in the elevator.

I blacked out, and left campus. I guess at about the parking garage I got out of my chair, the school patrol officer found it.

I was told that I was found about two blocks from the school. When I came around there were firefighters next to me. They had me on oxygen and they had checked my blood sugar, I can tell from the bruise on my finger. They were talking to me, and I was able to answer a few questions, but it's all really fuzzy. They took me to Mary Bridge, which is good. No IV, nothing more than putting me on monitors.

Mom and Dad came and we talked about the CD diagnosis with the doctor....he was being silly I think. He said that the nail/hair thing is "absolutely part of CD. I see it all the time" Funny thing is it's impossible to find any journal/article/study saying that nails falling off can happen with CD. It just doesn't make sense how seemingly perfectly healthy nails can come off just because I'm stressed. And if he sees it all the time, why are there no write ups about it. Isn't that something you'd want to share??

And we figured out that I have blackout attacks anytime my meds change.

I'm just confused. And tired, really really tired. I'm gonna go take a nap.


13 September 2008

Epic Fun!!

Hey guys...just got back from the fair! Got to see Ms. E and eat some cotton candy (nummy.) I'm really exhausted now though...

I got some pretty wooden roses. And Ash and Tori and Dad went on a few rides. Mom and I watched.

Next year I'll be better and I'll get to go on rides with them. And no one (except maybe doctors) can tell me otherwise.

I need some sleep....

Night all

Do the Puyallup Fair: Epic Fun!!

We're gonna be heading to the fair soon. Yay!!


12 September 2008

Saw the cardiologist

He said my heart is fine. Which is good news.

I had a few attacks while I was in the office...No sleep cause my left big toe toenail came off last night, so I'm wiped out.

I had an EKG and an echo. So, we know nothing is wrong with my heart. He also doesn't think that the toenails and hair is vascular, but he thinks it could be thyroid related. He also urged us to go back to the neurologists. He said my attacks appear to be Cataplexy, and he said to not let the doctors write us off again, to keep pushing until we get an accurate diagnosis.

So....I don't know. I'm really tired, so I'ma lay down and take a nap.


11 September 2008


I had a nice long post typed up, giving the statistics of what had happened, and then navigated away from the page.

I though for a second that just what I could jot down before my shower wasn't enough, and then I realized that it would be more than enough. The fact that I still remember the people who lost their lives, trying to go about their lives or trying to save the lives of those in danger, is enough. Today, during the moment of silence, most kids didn't stop messing with notebooks and such. I realize that some don't want to think about it, and some may have a tradition at home. But, the moment of silence is designed to bring awareness to the events. We as a nation promised we would never forget. But we have.

Around 3200 people lost their lives that day, and countless more have lost theirs in the war that followed that terrible event. Some were honored with schools named after them, but some got no more then a statistic. It's not fair, and its not right. To someone somewhere the person that died meant the world to them, and they lost their world.

Let's take a moment to remember the direct and indirect victims of that horrible day, and pray for those still here who live with that pain. Imagine the heartache they face on this day, and pray their discomfort gets better.

Try not to forget.
God Bless

10 September 2008

"But it looked funny!"

Today was Eh.

I had one attack, and missed 5th completely. Tori sounded...disgusted?? She told mom I had gone to sleep instead of going to class after my attack. I was just soo exhausted. I think the stress of school and the new doctors, and once again not knowing what's wrong with me is wearing me out.

I changed my first period class today, now I'm in Intro to Printmaking. It's fun. I forgot that I can draw if I try.

I talked to my Biology class today as well. I explained to them about the attacks, about whats happening to me during the attack. I told them that I know sometimes you want to make jokes, and its okay if its done respectfully. But pointing and laughing while I'm out? Not appreciated.
Everyone seemed more relaxed after I talked to them. Quite a few of the kids had questions. I'm glad I made that decision. I think class will go much smoother now.

I didn't get to talk to Kris today. I needed her. I don't know...I think these next few days are gonna be really, really rough.

Well, TTFN

09 September 2008

Those pesky bathroom breaks...

Yeah....today went well. I made it to school, and through first period fine. I needed to use the bathroom at the end of first, so a student walked me down. I feel kinda bad....she was so nice and everything, and I can't for the life of me remember her name...

Anyways I used the bathroom and was going to get into my chair and had an attack. I hit my head on something, the floor maybe. I have a bruise, and had a headache, but. I'm fine...

Biology was fun, but we did this activity where two people had to be the "blinds" and two had to be the "helpers." It was fun, and because the helpers needed to be able to move I volunteered to be one of the blinds. I didn't realize until a few minutes in that I had put myself in a bad situation. I couldn't see, and because the lab table was so high up I felt...almost like I was having an attack. Very isolated, very alone.

Then I had an attack. It was only about 10 minutes, and Tori was there before I woke up. But, now I need to have a discussion with the class, because she said that a few of the boys in the back were pointing at me and laughing because I was out. In my experience, people act like that when they're uneducated to the situation. "Aha she fell asleep suddenly that's so funny!!" Once they hear whats actually going on, and what I've been dealing with, it isn't so funny anymore.

I also was able to get all caught up in Geometry today. That was fun...*grumbles* darn area of a partial circle....

Tomorrow I need to switch my first period class. I'm not sure to what yet, it may be a required course and it may be an elective. We'll see.

Also an appointment with Kris tomorrow. I'm looking forward to that.


07 September 2008

Mamma Mia! Here I Go Again!

Today was fun!!

I got to go see Mamma Mia! with Nick. It was really good.

And it was nice to be out of the house without family. I absoulutly love my family, don't get me wrong, but its nice to have that little bit of freedom.

I had an attack in the bathroom though...that wasn't so fun. But Nick, being the amazing person he is, heard the ladies freaking out and stopped them from calling 911. And then he came into the Ladies Room I guess. Ha ha. See, I said he's amazing.

When I came around *Dawn*'s mom came in the stall....I haven't seen Dawn in a looonnngg time. And I don't know her mom. At all. And so a strange lady was touching me, and she wasn't a nurse, fire fighter, or EMT/Medic. Which is good, but she was a strange lady....

Soo....I had an awesome day.

Thanks Nick!

Well, I should get going to bed.


06 September 2008

I got a desk!

Yup...I got a new desk at a garage sale today. Well, new to me anyways. It was only 5 dollars, and its in really good shape. Other than the trip out this morning I didn't really do much I don't think...

Another toenail came off...that makes...6.

I'm tired. But excited for tomorrow!

I'll post more on that tomorrow night.


05 September 2008

New Medical News.

So, I think I might start a separate blog just for medical updates...But then again, I started this blog so I would have a place to share my medical and personal life in tandem, so maybe not. IDK.

Anyways, I have an appointment with the cardiologist next Friday. I'm not sure if he'll want to do a full work-up, or just the echocardiogram like Dr. S suggested. We'll see I suppose. But I might miss pictures, which would suck, cause I kinda really need an ID card, and I would really love to get school pictures this year. Anyhoo...New office place too, the cardiologist's office isn't on the Heath Center campus I normally see my doctors at.

Next Friday I also start the Lamictal. We'll see what it does for me. Hopefully it's something good before something bad, or if it's both, the good is more helpful than the bad is bad. If that makes sense. Don't argue my logic =P

Lol. And I see Kris next week. Which is exciting. K.


Last few days.

Hey all. So I know I promised a post every day, but the first two days of school did NOT go as expected.

So now I'm gonna post a really long post, detailing the last three days. This is your warning.


Wednesday morning, I got up and started getting ready for school. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't on a school sleeping schedule yet. For me, its just better to be forced to get up at a certain time every day and get used to it then to start a few weeks ahead of time.

So I had my outfit all planned out, and got dressed, got my hair done, made sure my backpack was ready, ate breakfast. All three of us got out to the end of the driveway on time, and waited for the bus. (The driver was late) Once I got on the *scary lift* and got situated inside, we went to NS. Then to the gym to get our final schedule. Then to my first class. It was kind of awkward, going down the halls. Not only was I new, but I'm the only full time wheelchair student. Nobody was rude, just...curious.

My first class was Health. I got there, and figured out where I would sit. I made it through about 20 min. before my first attack. It was a long one too, lasting about 1 hour. I woke up in the nurse's office, and the nurse said she would like it if I laid down until 2nd period was over, because there was only about 20 min. left of class. So I laid down and took a short nap, and then she took me to my 3rd period class, Biology.

Biology was fun. We got lab partners, and I met some kids. My lab partner actually has an interest in fiction/non-fiction based on the Holocaust, like me, so I offered to bring her some books I thought she'd like reading. We did a little get-to-know-the-classroom exercise, and went over the syllabus, then class was over. One of the kids (I never got his name) escorted me down to the lunchroom were I met Twin.

I ended up not eating just because it was sooo crowded, so Twin (Ash) and I went and found Older Sister (Tori). Then I stayed with Tori for the rest of lunch while Ash went and got something to eat. Ash and I actually have History together, so we went in to talk to the teacher about everything. History was fun, we did a geography quiz, a little get-to-know-you letter, and went over the syllabus.

Then 5th period, Geometry. I like Geometry...sort of. I have a hard time with it, but hopefully I'll be able to get through it this year, cause I kinda need to. The class is fun, the teacher is also the Computer Programming teacher so most of the exercises and such we do on the computers.

After 5th period is Medical Careers. I absolutely love my teacher. But, about 10 minutes into the class, I went out again, and was in and out the rest of the day. My dad came and got my sisters and I, and when we got home I got some food in my belly and went straight to bed.


We now knew to expect a sort of rough day, and indeed it was. I got to school okay, and made it all the way through first period. But, my teacher failed to find a student to walk to my next class with me, and I didn't know any ones name, and she left the classroom as well. So I needed to get to my class, and I had no one to take me, and I'm supposed to be escorted at all times, in case I have an attack. So I made it over to that side of the building, but couldn't find the classroom door with my 2nd period teacher's name on it. The bell rang, and I was alone in the hallway, and just so confused and stressed.

I went out and ended up in the nurse's office. I guess a security officer saw me and took me to the nurse's office. When I woke up, the nurse said she had helped me to a bed, but that I was only up for like, 30 seconds before going out again. I was in and out from there, mostly out. And about an hour after I got there, I came around and was feeling relatively awake, so I asked to use the bathroom, and she said that was fine. I didn't quite make it back to the bed before I went out again.

So them the security officers came back down and put me on the bed. Now, by now both of the security officers have met me, and I still have no clue what either of them look like. I also hadn't met my 2nd period teacher =P lol.

Dad came and picked me up at about 11:30. Again, I came home and slept. Actually, I slept most of the day, except when I had to go with Dad to get Ash and Tori. Then when Mom got home, Tori and the parents and I went to the store to get a few school things. Then dinner, then bed.


Friday was good. Today was a good day. I made it through 1st, 2nd *Yay*, 3rd, Lunch, 4th, all fine. Then towards the end of 5th I had an attack, about 30 min. The attack was still really long, but at least I only had one!! Also, instead of laying down today, as soon as I felt I could function, I went out the the main room of the nurse's office. I still wasn't fully awake, as it takes longer the longer an attack is, but I wanted to get to my class. I made it through 6th fine too!! And got home fine, and now I'm doing this blog, cause I have all weekend to do my homework, which consists of a few questions in World Cultures, and I have to read*sigh* lol. I'll be doing my homework later tonight.

Sooo....that's what's been going on the last few days. I really didn't feel up to posting on Wed. or Thurs. so I didn't.

This post is long enough.

02 September 2008

Be at the end of the driveway at 6:37

Yay!!! OMG I so love NS. I'm so excited!! (can ya tell)

First things first though.

I saw Dr. S today. Might I say he's one of the only doctors that has refused to give up on finding out what is truly wrong with me. We had to wait a bit to see him today, like, an hour lol. But when he got there he was like...."Okay. Let me see." So I showed him my toes and finger, and he was like "We need to get this figured out." So, an appointment with a Cardiologist is first. Dr. S ordered an echo cardiogram, so once I know when that's happening I'll feel a little better. He also said if we get no results, he's getting us to Children's in Seattle. I'm just so glad he's my doctor.

While we were there he also ordered blood tests. I hate needles. Yes, I've had a million IVs and had blood drawn a ton of times. I hate needles. Basically I had an attack while the tech was drawing my blood...and I guess she freaked out a bit. But all I know is I woke up before she was done and like....Mom had her arms wrapped around me so I wouldn't move and the tech was pinning my arm to the chair. Kinda freaky.

So after that, we went home. And I had coffee. A really, really big cup of coffee.

Then after lunch and some hilarious You Tube videos, we left to get to NS to finish registration. First we went to Mr. C. After he got everything sorted out, we went to the counselors office to get classes. I'm taking a mix of 9th and 10th and 11th grade classes.

My shedual.
1st Period: Health 2
2nd Period: Freshman English
3rd Period: Biology
4th Period: World Cultures
5th Period: Geometry
6th Period: Medical Careers

I happy!!

Not much else to do today. I'm gonna go to the Library to drop off/pick up a few books, then shower then SPLAT!

Pretty much.

Tomorrow I tell how my first day went!!


01 September 2008

La la la la la....I feel random!

Today was pretty much awesome. I woke up at about 8 to get ready to go to Seattle with Mom and the siblings. We were going to bring in muffins for her team cause they were working holiday. The trip was actually fairly pleasant, which trust me is surprising lol. Except once we got into town, near our house. Mom made some comment about how nice the morning had been, so then my siblings ganged up on me and managed to make me have an attack in like...1 1/2 minutes. I think it's a new record...

Anyhoo, we dropped siblings off at the house, then Mom and I headed over to Starbucks to meet Ms. E. She brought Roo!!!! He is the most adorable dog ever (Shi Tzu/Lassa Opso mix.) Mom and Ms. E went and got coffee and I sat outside with Roo...He just sat in my lap being petted the entire time! I can even push myself in the chair and he'll stay on my lap. So we then talked for about an hour. I really enjoyed it!

Then, Mom and I went to Taco Bell and grabbed food for everyone. We had gotten sushi while we were in Seattle so I just had some of that for lunch. Then, after lunch came more shopping.

We went to Payless and I got a pair of Champions exactly like my obnoxious green and blue ones, only the new ones are black and pink. After Payless came Ross....total NIGHTMARE!! I was place holder in line while my sissies looked for jackets. It took 30 min to get up to the register!

Then we went to the pet store for pet food, and then home. After dinner, I went upstairs and helped my twin get her clothes organized. She had a bunch of stuff that didn't fit anymore, so my older sis and I went through and got what we wanted. I got some new pyjamas and a few shirts and a pair of pants so.

Another toenail fell of as well today....I'm so glad I have an appointment with Dr. S tomorrow. I need to know why this is happening because it's freaking me out. But he'll proly need blood, and I don't want anymore bruises on my arms!! Lol. Plus we're getting my mom an Epi-Pen....finally. And I'll probably be getting a few shots. Gardasil, and MenactraT are the ones I need. So that was today plus a short lil bit about tomorrow ;P

Well, I'm off to bed. I need to be up at about 6 so I can shower and such before my appointment.