24 September 2008

I just want to be fixed...

Today sucked royally. And I don't really know too terribly much about it except:
-I went to the bathroom at lunchtime
-I hit my head, as confirmed by the bruise on my noggin.

I was told:
-I started having a ton of attacks, where I was very in and out of it
-When I would wake up, I would say that my head and back hurt, but 'words' were hard to distinguish.
-Ash sat with me for a bit, as did Tori and my counselor, Miss. E
-Mom came from work, but even she couldn't get me up long enough to get me in the chair, so she called 911
-The firefighters decided I needed to be taken to the hossy for evaluation, due to a possible head injury

I guess they completely immobilized me...backboard, C-collar, taped down all the way. When we got to the hospital I laid on it for like....1 1/2 hours. Which did not help with the attacks....I kept having them because I was so uncomfortable and scared. But the doctor told Mom he couldn't take me off the backboard until I could stay awake long enough to tell him where I hurt, and could participate in the exam, i.e. answer questions correctly.

So....long day.

I'm home now...but. I had really hoped that nothing to do with the attacks would ever make me leave NS by ambulance. Like, if I was pushed down a flight of stairs?? Whatever, everybody can see that I'm hurt. But the attacks, they're not like, the first thing you would think of. 'Invisible' so to speak.

Ahhhh....IDK. I see Dr. S tomorrow. Let's see what happens, and I'll get back to y'all.


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