05 September 2008

Last few days.

Hey all. So I know I promised a post every day, but the first two days of school did NOT go as expected.

So now I'm gonna post a really long post, detailing the last three days. This is your warning.


Wednesday morning, I got up and started getting ready for school. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't on a school sleeping schedule yet. For me, its just better to be forced to get up at a certain time every day and get used to it then to start a few weeks ahead of time.

So I had my outfit all planned out, and got dressed, got my hair done, made sure my backpack was ready, ate breakfast. All three of us got out to the end of the driveway on time, and waited for the bus. (The driver was late) Once I got on the *scary lift* and got situated inside, we went to NS. Then to the gym to get our final schedule. Then to my first class. It was kind of awkward, going down the halls. Not only was I new, but I'm the only full time wheelchair student. Nobody was rude, just...curious.

My first class was Health. I got there, and figured out where I would sit. I made it through about 20 min. before my first attack. It was a long one too, lasting about 1 hour. I woke up in the nurse's office, and the nurse said she would like it if I laid down until 2nd period was over, because there was only about 20 min. left of class. So I laid down and took a short nap, and then she took me to my 3rd period class, Biology.

Biology was fun. We got lab partners, and I met some kids. My lab partner actually has an interest in fiction/non-fiction based on the Holocaust, like me, so I offered to bring her some books I thought she'd like reading. We did a little get-to-know-the-classroom exercise, and went over the syllabus, then class was over. One of the kids (I never got his name) escorted me down to the lunchroom were I met Twin.

I ended up not eating just because it was sooo crowded, so Twin (Ash) and I went and found Older Sister (Tori). Then I stayed with Tori for the rest of lunch while Ash went and got something to eat. Ash and I actually have History together, so we went in to talk to the teacher about everything. History was fun, we did a geography quiz, a little get-to-know-you letter, and went over the syllabus.

Then 5th period, Geometry. I like Geometry...sort of. I have a hard time with it, but hopefully I'll be able to get through it this year, cause I kinda need to. The class is fun, the teacher is also the Computer Programming teacher so most of the exercises and such we do on the computers.

After 5th period is Medical Careers. I absolutely love my teacher. But, about 10 minutes into the class, I went out again, and was in and out the rest of the day. My dad came and got my sisters and I, and when we got home I got some food in my belly and went straight to bed.


We now knew to expect a sort of rough day, and indeed it was. I got to school okay, and made it all the way through first period. But, my teacher failed to find a student to walk to my next class with me, and I didn't know any ones name, and she left the classroom as well. So I needed to get to my class, and I had no one to take me, and I'm supposed to be escorted at all times, in case I have an attack. So I made it over to that side of the building, but couldn't find the classroom door with my 2nd period teacher's name on it. The bell rang, and I was alone in the hallway, and just so confused and stressed.

I went out and ended up in the nurse's office. I guess a security officer saw me and took me to the nurse's office. When I woke up, the nurse said she had helped me to a bed, but that I was only up for like, 30 seconds before going out again. I was in and out from there, mostly out. And about an hour after I got there, I came around and was feeling relatively awake, so I asked to use the bathroom, and she said that was fine. I didn't quite make it back to the bed before I went out again.

So them the security officers came back down and put me on the bed. Now, by now both of the security officers have met me, and I still have no clue what either of them look like. I also hadn't met my 2nd period teacher =P lol.

Dad came and picked me up at about 11:30. Again, I came home and slept. Actually, I slept most of the day, except when I had to go with Dad to get Ash and Tori. Then when Mom got home, Tori and the parents and I went to the store to get a few school things. Then dinner, then bed.


Friday was good. Today was a good day. I made it through 1st, 2nd *Yay*, 3rd, Lunch, 4th, all fine. Then towards the end of 5th I had an attack, about 30 min. The attack was still really long, but at least I only had one!! Also, instead of laying down today, as soon as I felt I could function, I went out the the main room of the nurse's office. I still wasn't fully awake, as it takes longer the longer an attack is, but I wanted to get to my class. I made it through 6th fine too!! And got home fine, and now I'm doing this blog, cause I have all weekend to do my homework, which consists of a few questions in World Cultures, and I have to read*sigh* lol. I'll be doing my homework later tonight.

Sooo....that's what's been going on the last few days. I really didn't feel up to posting on Wed. or Thurs. so I didn't.

This post is long enough.

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Laura said...

Bri - I'm sorry you've had so many attacks during school. I know it has to be difficult for you. I think you are very lucky to have found a dr that is working to find the cause off them, rather than labeling them a conversion disorder. I pray you get the answers you need soon!!

:o) Laura