12 September 2008

Saw the cardiologist

He said my heart is fine. Which is good news.

I had a few attacks while I was in the office...No sleep cause my left big toe toenail came off last night, so I'm wiped out.

I had an EKG and an echo. So, we know nothing is wrong with my heart. He also doesn't think that the toenails and hair is vascular, but he thinks it could be thyroid related. He also urged us to go back to the neurologists. He said my attacks appear to be Cataplexy, and he said to not let the doctors write us off again, to keep pushing until we get an accurate diagnosis.

So....I don't know. I'm really tired, so I'ma lay down and take a nap.


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Blake said...

Hey there,

I am glad to hear about your heart. I am constantly thinking of you and sending good energy your way.