19 September 2008


So, it's National Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. WTF??

Look, there's even an official site!


Eh, I'm not complaining. I've always wanted a reason to pepper my conversations with random "Arrrr's!!" every now and then. Who wouldn't?

Anyhoo, we had my 504 meeting with the school this morning, and it was decided that wouldn't be enough. I'm getting evaluated for Special Education on the premise that it can do more for me, such as offer alternative ways to make up work I miss, than the 504 plan can. I'll also have a Para with me, so I know I'll always have someone to walk me from class to class and not have to worry about putting that burden on another student.

I'm also getting evaluated for PT, not exactly sure why? yet but I'll know more Monday I assume.

All in all a good day....we're smoothing out the bumps at NS, the few we had, and I'm glad. I absolutely love this school, and am glad I'm going there.

And I forgot what else I was gonna say....that happens alot....

Ummm....yeah, I'm just gonna go now.


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