25 September 2008

Headaches, headaches, and more headaches

Today was hard.

The morning went OK, I spent most of first in the nurse's office waiting for the PT person, but she didn't show on time, so Miss E rushed me to first so I could do my prints.

Then Miss E took me to my second period, where I stupidly set my bag down on a wet carpet, cause the lights were off so I couldn't see the color difference. So my bag was soaked, cause it wasn't until I went to go grab a notebook from the back that I noticed.

She came and got me from second period and we went back to the nurse's office to do the PT consult. (The lady had just been a bit late.)

We, being Miss E, the nurse, the PT lady and I talked for probably 2-3 hours. Well, 9 ish to after first lunch, so 11:07? So two.

Anyways it involved stuff like making sure a wheelchair evacuation plan was in place, Setting up a plan for the bathroom....that kind of thing.

Then Miss. E took me to lunch, then back to the nurses office to use the potty. I'm assuming all went well, I must have gone out in my chair.

I woke up the first time and the nurse was taking my pulse, and I was still in the chair...
I don't know how many times I went in and out, but I know that at some point the nurse covered me up. At about 1:50? I came around more and more, I actually felt coherent. The nurse helped me to a bed so I could get out of the chair and lay down because my back and neck were killing me. My mom was already on the way. I had another attack while I was on the bed, but I tried staying awake. Once she got there I got back in my chair and we went out to the truck.

I had a few attacks on the way home, and once we got home I had another in the kitchen.

Then I lay down and fell asleep for a few hours.

I don't know why this is happening. The last time I had more than one bad day in a week I ended up in the hossy for 4 days....

I don't know. This is stressing me out.

Anyone have advice?


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