01 September 2008

La la la la la....I feel random!

Today was pretty much awesome. I woke up at about 8 to get ready to go to Seattle with Mom and the siblings. We were going to bring in muffins for her team cause they were working holiday. The trip was actually fairly pleasant, which trust me is surprising lol. Except once we got into town, near our house. Mom made some comment about how nice the morning had been, so then my siblings ganged up on me and managed to make me have an attack in like...1 1/2 minutes. I think it's a new record...

Anyhoo, we dropped siblings off at the house, then Mom and I headed over to Starbucks to meet Ms. E. She brought Roo!!!! He is the most adorable dog ever (Shi Tzu/Lassa Opso mix.) Mom and Ms. E went and got coffee and I sat outside with Roo...He just sat in my lap being petted the entire time! I can even push myself in the chair and he'll stay on my lap. So we then talked for about an hour. I really enjoyed it!

Then, Mom and I went to Taco Bell and grabbed food for everyone. We had gotten sushi while we were in Seattle so I just had some of that for lunch. Then, after lunch came more shopping.

We went to Payless and I got a pair of Champions exactly like my obnoxious green and blue ones, only the new ones are black and pink. After Payless came Ross....total NIGHTMARE!! I was place holder in line while my sissies looked for jackets. It took 30 min to get up to the register!

Then we went to the pet store for pet food, and then home. After dinner, I went upstairs and helped my twin get her clothes organized. She had a bunch of stuff that didn't fit anymore, so my older sis and I went through and got what we wanted. I got some new pyjamas and a few shirts and a pair of pants so.

Another toenail fell of as well today....I'm so glad I have an appointment with Dr. S tomorrow. I need to know why this is happening because it's freaking me out. But he'll proly need blood, and I don't want anymore bruises on my arms!! Lol. Plus we're getting my mom an Epi-Pen....finally. And I'll probably be getting a few shots. Gardasil, and MenactraT are the ones I need. So that was today plus a short lil bit about tomorrow ;P

Well, I'm off to bed. I need to be up at about 6 so I can shower and such before my appointment.


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