10 September 2008

"But it looked funny!"

Today was Eh.

I had one attack, and missed 5th completely. Tori sounded...disgusted?? She told mom I had gone to sleep instead of going to class after my attack. I was just soo exhausted. I think the stress of school and the new doctors, and once again not knowing what's wrong with me is wearing me out.

I changed my first period class today, now I'm in Intro to Printmaking. It's fun. I forgot that I can draw if I try.

I talked to my Biology class today as well. I explained to them about the attacks, about whats happening to me during the attack. I told them that I know sometimes you want to make jokes, and its okay if its done respectfully. But pointing and laughing while I'm out? Not appreciated.
Everyone seemed more relaxed after I talked to them. Quite a few of the kids had questions. I'm glad I made that decision. I think class will go much smoother now.

I didn't get to talk to Kris today. I needed her. I don't know...I think these next few days are gonna be really, really rough.

Well, TTFN

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Blake said...

thinking of you and hoping all is well