07 January 2010

Social Update.

I've been excited about this!

Okay, so I'm proud to say I've been able to go out, without parents or siblings.

I have this friend, N. She's...amazing, to say the least. And yeah.

Okay, for my birthday, she took me to get my nails done. I've never had it done before, and I was afraid, because my nails have been so gross. But, they've been better. SO, I got them done! They're SO pretty, and it was awesome to have that experience!

I've also been out to dinner with her, because neither of us could go to Winter Formal this year.

On Saturday, I went to her house all day. We watched movies, made cookies, and just BS'd. We also got our nails done then.

So yeah. I'm just....excited to be able to have this fun stuff.


Health Update

I've been doing SO much better!

I switched my meds to Vyvanse over Christmas Break.

Easiest way to measure my progress is that

1) I've been going out without my chair. Grocery stores, Kris's office, that sort of thing. But it's progress.

2) At school, we're actually discussing me being out of my chair. And, I've been getting out during lunch.

I have to get certified in CPR/First Aid in Medical Careers in order to get my crossover credit, but that would be hard, because of my chair. Except, it may not be impossible. I've been talking to everyone involved (Nurse, Teacher, Counselor, PT) and all have been pretty open to me getting out to get certified, as long as I have Dr. H's permission. So I'll be asking next Wednesday, when I see him.

So. Yup. Things are looking good!

School Update

Hi there.

I'm doing better in school, sort of.

Independent Study Geometry:
I have P (Pass.)
I'm on track for next semester, when I'll join a regular class.

Junior English:
My current grade is an E, because I haven't turned in an essay yet. It's done, but not in yet.
Otherwise, it would be a B or maybe A?

Medical Careers:
I have an A-, and once some more work is in, it'll be a solid A.

US History:
It's currently at an E, but I'm working on getting it to at least a C by semester.

I HAVE A C!!!! SO excited. Mostly because before Christmas Break, it was an E (not even CLOSE to passing.) AND, I have two more assignments to turn in, one of which is really combined assignment.

Sophomore English:
I have an E in this class as well. I need to have a discussion with my teacher to see what I need to do to just pass. I'm trying really hard to get caught up, but I need to know what all will be required.

All in all I'm doing better in the classes I wanted to get caught up in. Plus, I've made it to all my classes, unless I'm sick, like, normal person sick. Which is how I am right now.

And...I'm working toward getting out of my chair at school, which is exciting.

That's all for now.


06 January 2010

Yay! Happy 18th!

I'm 18 today.


It was good, I had a lot of fun. I had to come home early, however, because I'm coming down with a bad cough....sad.

Anyways, doing well. Tessie is working out wonderfully, she's truly a god-send.

Need to go to bed now,


01 January 2010

Happy New Year's!

Happy New Year's!!

My resolution this year is two-part.

I want to write more, at least once a week.

AND, I want to keep up in school, and get out of the chair.