07 January 2010

Health Update

I've been doing SO much better!

I switched my meds to Vyvanse over Christmas Break.

Easiest way to measure my progress is that

1) I've been going out without my chair. Grocery stores, Kris's office, that sort of thing. But it's progress.

2) At school, we're actually discussing me being out of my chair. And, I've been getting out during lunch.

I have to get certified in CPR/First Aid in Medical Careers in order to get my crossover credit, but that would be hard, because of my chair. Except, it may not be impossible. I've been talking to everyone involved (Nurse, Teacher, Counselor, PT) and all have been pretty open to me getting out to get certified, as long as I have Dr. H's permission. So I'll be asking next Wednesday, when I see him.

So. Yup. Things are looking good!

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