03 May 2011

Been a while.

Life has caught up with me, or interfered (depending on who you talk to.) Either way I haven't been on here in forever, and for those of you who use this blog to see how I'm doing, I'm sorry.

But, I have some exciting news I wanted to post about!

Later this week I'm meeting with a local school that offers a way for me to get my HS diploma, as well as getting a degree in a field of my choice, but since it's still public schooling, it's free! So we're hoping that program will accept me.

Annnd, I got my Prom dress!!!


This is for Starlight Prom, and it'll be my 3rd year going, (Year 1, Year 2) but my first year I got a gown, so for me, it's like my senior prom =D Plus I won't be using my chair this year at Prom either, because my older brother and his GF are coming with their car, so even were something to happen, it's not a big deal! SO EXCITED!!

That is all.