31 March 2009


So....this month...


  • The *seizures* were still happening, but after an ambulatory EEG it was determined that they aren't actually seizures but probably symptoms of migraines.
  • I also had my nail bed biopsy, which didn't give us any results or answers as far as my nails.
  • I had one fugue state. A few scary attacks, one in the middle of the street, one that caused concern of a possible major head injury, but that turned out to be a minor concussion.
  • I also found out this morning I have an ear infection which has been causing me to yawn a ton over the last week or so.
  • I've missed A LOT of school because of the problems, but we're working on making sure I at least get some credit this semester.
  • Amy was given a full-time para position, so I know she's happy and that she'll be there on the days I do make it to school.
  • We're staying in the house, at least until end of April hopefully until May.
  • Dad and Tori both had birthdays this month.
  • I've been able to get out still, and was able to go to the beach with Tori and a friend earlier this month which was cool.
  • I also got my dress for Starlight Prom...
  • And I got to meet N, an awesome friend I'd previously only spoke to online or on the phone.
  • And, we've applied for a service dog!!!

Bye for now,


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