12 March 2009

Good Day/Bad Day

So, yesterday after I posted...actually it was like, 6:30-ish my day turned bad.

First the numbing meds wore off and my finger began hurting SO badly. I took a Vicoden, but I guess while I was waiting for it to kick in I had a bad seizure. Then I changed my bandage on my pinky because it had started bleeding, and ended up hitting it?

Either way I had an attack, a long one. I hit my head but no big deal, other than that just got cold from the floor. And...my pinky was soooo sore. I took another Vicoden before bed and slept well...

Today it pretty much feels fine, I didn't even need Tylenol until like, 6.

And I got to walk to the Library with Ashy which was fun.

So....bed, possibly school tomorrow.


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