27 March 2009


It's been a while. Stuff has happened.

Ummm.....Wednesday I did not try school because I woke up with a massive headache, which usually is a good indicator that the day will be a fail. I was still yawning. All day. Tuesday as well, so by Wednesday morning I hadn't had much to eat and was NOT doing well. Thinking the headache could be low blood sugar (which has never been an issue for me, but then again I've never gone so long without a reasonable amount of food.) I had some decaffeinated tea with sugar.

Didn't help. But, thinking, "Wait. I can still drink!" I had mom pick up some like, Ensures on the way home.

Then.... I went to a Poetry Slam at OS. It was fantastic! The poets were on a roll this year.

Thursday, I did try school. But failed. I came home early with a massive headache.
But, I got to see N, one of my friends from
We've been planning on meeting for months but I haven't written about it in case one or both of us wasn't well enough to meet!

So that was exciting.

No school today, again with the massive headache. And still yawning. I'm about to call my doc and see if he can get me in...


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