10 March 2009

Cold morning in Tacoma

So.....my morning was...blank.

For me, for the most part anyways.
I had a fugue state, left my bedroom while I was folding laundry and ended up near the library.
I don't know how long I was gone, but I do know I was very, very, very cold. Like, the snow felt warm. I was on the frozen ground when I was found, that may have something to do with things.
The fire fighters were awesome. They were very nice, or so my sisters said. And the EMTs were too. I guess I was also having worse-ish seizures? Not full blown grand-mal, but not the normal petite mals either.
I hate these things.....they're hard for me, and so much harder for my family. At least I don't remember a great deal of the incident.
Well, that was my morning.

My afternoon was much better. I was able to take a nice long shower, and didn't have issues after I rested a bit. Then Ash and I were dropped off at the library, where we each checked out a few books. Then....we went to go for a walk, around and around the park/library/fire station.

So...now it's like...nighttime ish.


I get to go to Starlight Prom!!
That's very exciting for me!

More on that later.
And more tomorrow, busy day planned.



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