07 March 2009

Beach, Beach, Mall, Red Robin.


That is one thing I love about Washington. It was chilly no doubt, but I went to two different beaches yesterday with Tori and her friend K. It was awesome.

I really do appreciate K. She had come over to hang out with Tori, but they didn't have anything to do here and wanted to take off. I had wanted to get out for a walk or something, but no one really wanted to go for a walk with me. When Tori said lets go, K was like...."Hey...why don't we take Bri too?" Then I screamed like a girl...not really but close. =)

So we went to the beach, the one with the pier. And we saw a purple starfish on a rock, and an ADORABLE Golden Retriever puppy that's name was....wait for it....Golden. Imaginative no?

Then....we went to the other beach, the nature reserve one. And saw sand dollars.
Lots and lots and lots of sand dollars.

Thennnn.....we went to K's house, ate some muffins, pet her cats while she changed cause she got very sandy.

Next came the mall. We looked at stuff. And then Red Robin. With the sweet waiter who was very sad he couldn't sing a birthday song for K.

Then...home. We were out for like, 5-6 hours. It was amazing.

So. I'm excited. Then today Ash and I walked to the Library to get some books.


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