31 March 2009


So....this month...


  • The *seizures* were still happening, but after an ambulatory EEG it was determined that they aren't actually seizures but probably symptoms of migraines.
  • I also had my nail bed biopsy, which didn't give us any results or answers as far as my nails.
  • I had one fugue state. A few scary attacks, one in the middle of the street, one that caused concern of a possible major head injury, but that turned out to be a minor concussion.
  • I also found out this morning I have an ear infection which has been causing me to yawn a ton over the last week or so.
  • I've missed A LOT of school because of the problems, but we're working on making sure I at least get some credit this semester.
  • Amy was given a full-time para position, so I know she's happy and that she'll be there on the days I do make it to school.
  • We're staying in the house, at least until end of April hopefully until May.
  • Dad and Tori both had birthdays this month.
  • I've been able to get out still, and was able to go to the beach with Tori and a friend earlier this month which was cool.
  • I also got my dress for Starlight Prom...
  • And I got to meet N, an awesome friend I'd previously only spoke to online or on the phone.
  • And, we've applied for a service dog!!!

Bye for now,


27 March 2009


It's been a while. Stuff has happened.

Ummm.....Wednesday I did not try school because I woke up with a massive headache, which usually is a good indicator that the day will be a fail. I was still yawning. All day. Tuesday as well, so by Wednesday morning I hadn't had much to eat and was NOT doing well. Thinking the headache could be low blood sugar (which has never been an issue for me, but then again I've never gone so long without a reasonable amount of food.) I had some decaffeinated tea with sugar.

Didn't help. But, thinking, "Wait. I can still drink!" I had mom pick up some like, Ensures on the way home.

Then.... I went to a Poetry Slam at OS. It was fantastic! The poets were on a roll this year.

Thursday, I did try school. But failed. I came home early with a massive headache.
But, I got to see N, one of my friends from
We've been planning on meeting for months but I haven't written about it in case one or both of us wasn't well enough to meet!

So that was exciting.

No school today, again with the massive headache. And still yawning. I'm about to call my doc and see if he can get me in...


24 March 2009


So I got my EEG off and lived! Only a few reactions to the adhesive used....which is good.

Ummm.....I went to school today!
It was fun, but I had to go lay down in the nurse's office twice today because of a bad headache.

Dr. P reviewed the place in my EEG where my mom had marked a spell, and said that they aren't seizures! Which is good news. He said he thinks that the twitching is part of a migraine condition.

So. yeah.

I couldn't stop yawning yesterday. THAT was annoying.


22 March 2009


Burmese Mountain Dogs are beautiful!

The pet store we went to today, a new one we plan to start using full time, is awesome. And the owner had a Burmese Mountain Dog...Sims. The dog was gorgeous. He was also very huge. And calm, content to sit by my chair while we all talked or put his head in my lap for a better pet!

Well, so now we have another option if we decided to self train... =)

And I get the EEG off tomorrow. I'll be glad.

I had a baaaaaaad headache yesterday, bad enough that I needed to take a Vicoden....even that only dulled the pain a bit. But thankfully it was gone when I woke up this morning, so yay!

Sorry if its a bit disjointed...if it makes no sense tomorrow when I read it I'll probably fix it.


20 March 2009

In a soggy mood.

I feel a bit in a soggy mood today.
I didn't get the EEG off, because Dr. P said that there wasn't anything significant.
I'll have it on over the weekend. On Monday we go back to get it off, whether there is anything or not so my head can have a break.

Dr. P said that there may be a simpler explanation than seizures for the 'seizures.'
He said, that the twitches of my arm could be symptoms of a bad migraine, something to do with serotonin? Anyways, we'll get more into that later.


Umm....that's it for today.


The downside of it all

So...I had an attack yesterday. A seizure too which is in my book good, but back to the attack.

It happened around...7-ish?

I was told that where my mom found me, it was almost guaranteed I had hit my head. And, I hit my head. HARD. Hard enough to cause an abnormal wake up for me after the attack.....continued slurred speech, MASSIVE headache, uncooperative, aggressive, VERY sleepy.

None of that is 'normal' for after an attack, not past 5-10 minutes. And I guess I was that way for a long while. I'm not a small girl, and so my parents were not able to get me in the truck without me helping, so they called 911. The fire fighters and medics evaluated me, and I was transported to the ER. Then one of the doctors had the lovely task (read-their job) of trying to "wake me up"

The problem I have is that I'm not ever unconscious, I just can not move. Not, don't want to move, I CAN NOT move...

So. It was a rough night. When I was finally able to come out of the attack enough for them to know I wasn't suffering major brain injury, just a mild concussion, then home we went. SO.

I get my EEG off today.



19 March 2009

Ambulatory EEG

I saw my neurologist, and he decided he wanted me to have an ambulatory EEG so we can catch a seizure.

I'll go back in tomorrow so they can upload any info, and if I haven't had a seizure they'll extend the EEG over the weekend. Yuck. I hope I have one tonight lol.

And...yeah. Yesterday I didn't do school, and Tuesday was bleh, I had an attack/seizures so had to come home.

Ummm.....so yeah. Not much else....

Maybe later.


16 March 2009

The WASL joy has come again

So, this blog was not yet born when the WASL's last graced us with their presence.

It was a DISASTER for me....lots of reasons, but the main 2 being lack of continuous knowledge and lack of control over the attacks.

I still managed to pass Reading and Writing though, which believe me was impressive because I was wrestling attacks at the same time. Math and Science were another story, and I didn't even attempt them last year. This year I was supposed to...but... we'll see how it goes.

ANYways, it's been decided that school this week will be tomorrow and Wednesday, provided for the testing in the morning I'll be able to go to the nurse's office instead of the gym, as they plan on having racket sports in the loud crowded gym. No bueno.


Back to bed for me


15 March 2009

Happy B-Day Tori!

Tori's 18th birthday is soon so we went out to dinner tonight to celebrate. We had good good Chinese, although I forgot the name of the restaurant.

We may be getting ice cream later, we'll see.

Anyways....ummmm....okay day today so far. No attacks/seizures that I'm aware of.

And. Yeah. I'll probably be going to school tomorrow.

We'll see.



14 March 2009

Greatest Fear #34 checked off the list

Yesterday. Friday the 13th. Was pretty full of good, albeit different-than-expected, things.

First off, the house was supposed to be sold at auction and we would have had to move. But, the auction was postponed for a month, so we have another month in the house.

Then, Tori and I walked (no chair) to the store for lunch foods, because we didn't have anything without meat in it. But, I had an attack IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! *sigh*
It's good though, because Dad was only two minutes away with my chair, and the fire fighters also decided that then would be a good time to get lunch food, so they were right there too. They helped my dad get me in my chair, and then Dad and Tori brought me into the parking lot. Once I woke up, Tori and I went in to get lunch stuffs, and saw the fire fighters inside and talked to them for a few.

Then, after being completely embarrassed by the fire fighters and store employees, Tori and I gave Dad the groceries and walked home. Why not just ride in the car? Because I still wanted to get some fresh air and it was beautiful out....attacks don't much slow me down anymore.

As we were walking home the fire fighters drove by and let off the air horn on the rig. It was funny =D

Then....the day got bad towards night, 'cause I had a bad seizure, one that either involved my entire body during it, or I tensed up afterward when I was still out of it and pulled a few muscles. Either way I'm sore from it and the 'bad' seizures are happening more frequently.

SO yeah. But today Mom, Ash and I are going shopping to get Ashy's dress for Starlight Prom and shoes and other stuff for both of us. It shall be fun.


12 March 2009

Good Day/Bad Day

So, yesterday after I posted...actually it was like, 6:30-ish my day turned bad.

First the numbing meds wore off and my finger began hurting SO badly. I took a Vicoden, but I guess while I was waiting for it to kick in I had a bad seizure. Then I changed my bandage on my pinky because it had started bleeding, and ended up hitting it?

Either way I had an attack, a long one. I hit my head but no big deal, other than that just got cold from the floor. And...my pinky was soooo sore. I took another Vicoden before bed and slept well...

Today it pretty much feels fine, I didn't even need Tylenol until like, 6.

And I got to walk to the Library with Ashy which was fun.

So....bed, possibly school tomorrow.


11 March 2009

Nail bed biopsy

Is a painful, painful thing.
The numbing medication worked thankfully, but whatever she used to stop the bleeding A) Didn't work, and B) Stings soooo badly.
And the numbing medication is still working, so I can't imagine what it will feel like when that wears off.

I will probably be taking a happy pill tonight.

In other news, I got my dress for the Starlight Prom.

I'm very excited.





10 March 2009

Cold morning in Tacoma

So.....my morning was...blank.

For me, for the most part anyways.
I had a fugue state, left my bedroom while I was folding laundry and ended up near the library.
I don't know how long I was gone, but I do know I was very, very, very cold. Like, the snow felt warm. I was on the frozen ground when I was found, that may have something to do with things.
The fire fighters were awesome. They were very nice, or so my sisters said. And the EMTs were too. I guess I was also having worse-ish seizures? Not full blown grand-mal, but not the normal petite mals either.
I hate these things.....they're hard for me, and so much harder for my family. At least I don't remember a great deal of the incident.
Well, that was my morning.

My afternoon was much better. I was able to take a nice long shower, and didn't have issues after I rested a bit. Then Ash and I were dropped off at the library, where we each checked out a few books. Then....we went to go for a walk, around and around the park/library/fire station.

So...now it's like...nighttime ish.


I get to go to Starlight Prom!!
That's very exciting for me!

More on that later.
And more tomorrow, busy day planned.



07 March 2009

Beach, Beach, Mall, Red Robin.


That is one thing I love about Washington. It was chilly no doubt, but I went to two different beaches yesterday with Tori and her friend K. It was awesome.

I really do appreciate K. She had come over to hang out with Tori, but they didn't have anything to do here and wanted to take off. I had wanted to get out for a walk or something, but no one really wanted to go for a walk with me. When Tori said lets go, K was like...."Hey...why don't we take Bri too?" Then I screamed like a girl...not really but close. =)

So we went to the beach, the one with the pier. And we saw a purple starfish on a rock, and an ADORABLE Golden Retriever puppy that's name was....wait for it....Golden. Imaginative no?

Then....we went to the other beach, the nature reserve one. And saw sand dollars.
Lots and lots and lots of sand dollars.

Thennnn.....we went to K's house, ate some muffins, pet her cats while she changed cause she got very sandy.

Next came the mall. We looked at stuff. And then Red Robin. With the sweet waiter who was very sad he couldn't sing a birthday song for K.

Then...home. We were out for like, 5-6 hours. It was amazing.

So. I'm excited. Then today Ash and I walked to the Library to get some books.


04 March 2009

Can you say nightmare?

Okay. So I went. Happy now???

I made it to first and second period. My classes seem to be made up of baboons however, and the kids don't know how to just shut up.

So I got to spend 3rd period on in the nurses office with my sweater wrapped around my head trying to block out noise and light.

I tried. It failed. I am not going to school tomorrow. I'm not dealing with that again.


03 March 2009

School tomorrow

I'm gonna try school tomorrow. Even with the seizures I *think* I'll be able to manage a full day. The only thing that would put me down is a headache or of course an attack.

And the only reason I should have an attack is from stress from classes, but we'll see.

So yeah. Bye!!


01 March 2009

Combo seizure/attack?

Yeah we think I just had a seizure. And an attack. At the same time. It was so scary.

I was standing in my room at my desk. I got super dizzy, then started falling. As I was falling, I felt my right side start to shake. I hit my head against the storage under my bed. My right side was still shaking, did so for about 2 min? After like, 10 minutes I could move again, and got up from the floor and came back out to the living room. No dizziness, just the headache from hitting my head.

I'm scared. I have no clue why this is happening, and even though rationally I know the doctors are helping, the fact that we have to wait so long for results and that the seizures are so regular with nothing actively being done scares me witless.

I want answers. I just want some answers.