22 March 2009


Burmese Mountain Dogs are beautiful!

The pet store we went to today, a new one we plan to start using full time, is awesome. And the owner had a Burmese Mountain Dog...Sims. The dog was gorgeous. He was also very huge. And calm, content to sit by my chair while we all talked or put his head in my lap for a better pet!

Well, so now we have another option if we decided to self train... =)

And I get the EEG off tomorrow. I'll be glad.

I had a baaaaaaad headache yesterday, bad enough that I needed to take a Vicoden....even that only dulled the pain a bit. But thankfully it was gone when I woke up this morning, so yay!

Sorry if its a bit disjointed...if it makes no sense tomorrow when I read it I'll probably fix it.


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