31 August 2008

Not much to say.

So, not much to post on today...We didn't go shopping because my older sister and brother went to Wild Waves. And I'm dead tired. I think I'm gonna turn in in a few. But. I'll post more tomorrow, when we get home. Busy day planned. So, more tomorrow.


30 August 2008

Getting ready for school....Only 4 more days!

I hate school shopping. I probably wouldn't hate it near as much if I weren't in the chair, but I am, so I do.

We went today. I got pretty much everything I needed. I'm sure once classes start I'll find I need a few things, but for now I have the basics, so I'm covered.

We're going shoe shopping tomorrow...I may or may not be getting a new pair. I don't really need one, cause my shoes never wear out anymore lol. But if I see some cute ones I might get a pair.

Dad needs to get a new bearing for my wheelchair...the right wheel is starting to wobble like it did on the old one. I probably won't get it until after school starts but it's no big deal.

Lol it's a miracle. Mom and Dad actually left the house! At night! And no one even forced them!!
Ha, they never go out anymore. They went to dinner at some friend's house. I'm glad they did. I personally think they need to start going on dates again....I think it would be good for them. Maybe once we get me figured out and the house business figured out they will.

Well....I don't know what else to write really.

Oh! I got my crayons today! All 48 boxes lol.

I don't think I've explained my plan yet....I got the idea for it after looking at some pics of me. In it I was looking through a coloring book, one I had gotten while I was in the hossy(hospital.) While I'm there, really the only thing I can do is read, watch TV, or color. So I brought the *plan* to my mom and she agreed on it. I'm going to get a ton of boxes of crayons *done. Then in November we'll get the coloring books, and I'll bring it all to Mary Bridge and donate it!

So...that's something I have to look forward to in the coming months.

Well, TTFN

29 August 2008

New medical news. *sigh*

So, back from the doctor's and dinner with the family.

At the doctor's we discussed medicine and such. The Prozac hasn't helped. So new meds, again. But I get a break from meds for two weeks! We have to give the Prozac time to start leaving my system before we start the new meds, to reduce risk of interactions. Ahhh...I don't know. I'm kinda blah right now. The new drug is an anti seizure/mood stabilizer, Lamictal. It'll take about 6 weeks to get to the dose the doctor wants to see me at, unless something goes wrong. I guess there is a risk of me developing a rash that could be deadly if we don't deal with it right away (yikes!) Other then that no serious side effects.

On Tuesday I go to see my pediatrician about the nail thing. I'll need blood drawn, so I hope the lab techs are good. I already have enough bruises on my arms and hands from last Friday, and I don't want to start school with a bunch of bruises lol. But...for now I just hope no more come off between now and then. If one does, Dr. H told me to save it (eww) in case they want to do lab tests.

Plus on Tuesday I'll be going to NS to talk to the nurse about what needs to happen (and not happen) during my attacks. I hope that goes well.

After my appointment we came back to the house and got my older sister. My twin is at her girlfriend's house. Then we went to this new noodle house a few blocks from home for dinner. It was soooo good. I had this noodle dish with vermicelli noodles, and beef. It also had grilled onion, steamed bell peppers, and cold chopped cucumber. VERY delicious.

Well....that's all for now. I plan on staying in my room most of the night. Maybe I'll go play with Boomer for a bit and then brush him...if he isn't being too much of an oaf.


Thursday's lil adventure.

So. Yesterday was amazing!!

I got up at about 8 and got ready and all. At about 9 Ms. E came and got me. (Ms. E was a teacher of mine at OS, and she's like an auntie to me.) After we got my things situated in the car, we went back to Ms. E's house cause she had forgotten her tools.

We stopped at Starbucks, my treat. Then we headed to TJ. See, Ms. E used to work at OS, but they were stupid. So now she's working at TJ, which means her room needed to be unpacked, and organized, and put together in general.

So, the morning was spent building a *GRRRR* TV cart, and that took a few hours lol. FYI, rubber wheels make good rubber mallets. After that 'lil fun bit, I started unpacking boxes and organizing the cupboard while she built the overhead cart. While we were doing that, the teacher next door to her came over. Might I tell you that we had Sugarland blaring!! What, they're really good. He wanted to switch classrooms with.....

That's all I got cause I had an attack. And this is one of the many reasons I absolutly love Ms. E. Apparently the other teacher was all worried, and she was just like, "She's fine. Don't worry about it." Once they were done she came over and rolled me on my back and put a pillow under my head. Done. So easy, no fuss. I LOVE that.

So then we decided we should proly take a break and give me some time to wake back up a bit. We wandered from her portible to a bathroom. Some of those hills, whew. They had ramps, but they were still pretty steep. Or maybe I was just tired, and my arms are still weaklings. Lol.

Then, we went back, unpacked even more, and at about 2-3 we called it a day. Might I say her classroom actually looked like it could function. Except for the missing desk, and computer. lol.
After packing the car we went back to the Math Office, and she talked to a teacher for a few, and then we went and got lunch. And then the PO. And then Mrs. L's. And then gas. And then home.

But I had sooooo much fun! I don't get out without family near enough lol.

So that was Thursday. Fun stuff if you ask me. Today I have a doctor's appointment in Tacoma. So. I'll tell y'all how it went later.


27 August 2008

Civic Duty

You know what I dislike very strongly? I dislike when people abuse handicap privileges, I really do.

When my mom and I were at OS today, the school officer came up to us as we were parking and asked to see my ID card that I got with the placard. Apparently because it was registration, people were too lazy to walk a few extra feet, so they had been parking in the handicap spaces. Now I didn't have my card on me, but I'd gone to OS for 2 years and so she knew me and my mom and all that.

While we were in the school, a mom noticed me in my wheelchair and asked if we had had a hard time finding parking. We said we hadn't, but that we had been asked by the SO if we had our tags and such. She said that was good, and then told us why she asked.

Apparently when she got there with her daughter, they hadn't been able to get handicap parking. Her daughter couldn't walk well, and needed to be close to the entrance. She had to get the SO to tell people to move because people were parked in spots, and they didn't even have tags.

Anyhoo, while my mom was getting the forms the lady and I continued talking. I was glad to inform her about SBW (more on that later.) She thanked me and said she'd let her daughter know.

As we were leaving, and got to the parking lot, a bright red car next to our truck caught my attention. Mostly because it was parked waaaaayyy to close to our truck. I had to squeeze to fit. I noticed the girls inside...all of them were talking and laughing, and not a one of them had anything wrong. Now I saw them walking out, I'm not just assuming that they were all fine...So I decided to do my duty as a good citizen and gently correct their slip up.

K, no, I was rude about it. They had already gotten in the car, so's as I was trying to get in mine, I glanced over at the driver to see if she was looking at me. She was. I glared at her.....a lot. I know, I know, not polite. But either is taking up handicap spots cause you're to lazy to walk.

Looking back, I feel kinda bad. A little. Yeah I'm bad.

Anyhoo, that's been my day in a nut shell.

Oh and I got to talk to Kris today. I love her, she's like, the best counselor ever. I seriously trust her with everything. She's so helpful to me, and days I have appointments with her I feel a lot happier.

Well, THAT'S it for now.


26 August 2008

This is your captian speaking....

K, I know it's been like, 3 posts in the last half hour, but I've got some catching up to do.

How's about a quiz.

My Friday was spent:
(A) Getting class sheduals
(B) Lazying about the house in pyjamas eating chocolate ice cream
(C) Going on a killing spree
(D) Getting picked up by Paramedics and taken to the hospital.

If you picked A or B, give yourself a thumbs up for guessing what a normal teen girl might have been doing. If you guessed C, ask yourself why I would have a blog post about it.

If you guessed D, ding ding ding!! You're a winner winner chicken dinner!!

Guess what. I hate hospitals, especially the ER portion.

Guess what else. I have about 600,000 dollars in medical bills that prove I'M NOT FAKING!!!!

So the next time I have to be taken to the hospital, ER doctors. You know me. You know what happens to me when I enter your ER. Please, inform the idiots that I'M NOT FAKING. Please also inform them that ERs and I don't get along. I like to stay in the bed, and I like to sleep. And I don't like being poked...that makes it even harder for you, because that means more attacks for me, which means a sleepy Bri, and sleepy Bri is hard to get along with. I can deal with an IV being started, and I can deal with monitors, and I can deal with the "new people" ooh'ing and ahh'ing over me cause I'm fricking screwed up in a weird way.

But, I can't deal with ammonia packets under my nose, and I can't deal with sternum rubs, or other painful stimuli. No, I can't move. No, I won't pull away. Yes, I will feel it, and yes, when I come around, if I have had unpleasant things done I will be angry when I come out of the attack. Heck, I might even flail a bit. Be Warned.

This has been an informative post. Learn from it, so's the next time I end up in your ER it can be pleasant for all of us.

Thanks for stopping by!
Guess what?

School starts in about a week, and I am SOOOOO excited.

Yes, I still have to use the chair, but I don't think it will be near as big an issue as it was at Old School (OS.)

New School (NS) is huge! But I shall be getting a coveted elevator key and by needing an escort from class to class, hopefully I'll get to know some people very quickly.

I also found out that I'll be the only full time wheelchair-bound student, making me the "New girl in a wheelchair" but I can totally deal with that. I think.

Well, my hope is that by Christmas time I'll know what's truly wrong with me, be it CD or Cataplexy or full blown Narcolepsy, I don't care as long as it has a name.

Hmmm....I've also been told by my twin that I'll have to go to Homecoming. In a dress. In a wheelchair. I better learn how to dance in that thing lol.

Well, TTFN

Music Therapy

I love music. I love the way how, no matter what, in an instant it can change your mood. Maybe it makes you happy, maybe sad, or angry.

But honestly, I can't think of anything else that has that power over me. The way the notes and lyrics work together to change my emotions, like an artist erasing his work to start over again.

I truly believe that a song has saved me before. From the pain of breaking up with my boyfriend of 7 months, from the loneliness and hopelessness of when I feel so depressed because of the attacks, from doing something utterly stupid (don't ask).

And again, I don't know anything else that has that power over me.

I live my life to the fullest, and music is helping me get there!