26 August 2008

This is your captian speaking....

K, I know it's been like, 3 posts in the last half hour, but I've got some catching up to do.

How's about a quiz.

My Friday was spent:
(A) Getting class sheduals
(B) Lazying about the house in pyjamas eating chocolate ice cream
(C) Going on a killing spree
(D) Getting picked up by Paramedics and taken to the hospital.

If you picked A or B, give yourself a thumbs up for guessing what a normal teen girl might have been doing. If you guessed C, ask yourself why I would have a blog post about it.

If you guessed D, ding ding ding!! You're a winner winner chicken dinner!!

Guess what. I hate hospitals, especially the ER portion.

Guess what else. I have about 600,000 dollars in medical bills that prove I'M NOT FAKING!!!!

So the next time I have to be taken to the hospital, ER doctors. You know me. You know what happens to me when I enter your ER. Please, inform the idiots that I'M NOT FAKING. Please also inform them that ERs and I don't get along. I like to stay in the bed, and I like to sleep. And I don't like being poked...that makes it even harder for you, because that means more attacks for me, which means a sleepy Bri, and sleepy Bri is hard to get along with. I can deal with an IV being started, and I can deal with monitors, and I can deal with the "new people" ooh'ing and ahh'ing over me cause I'm fricking screwed up in a weird way.

But, I can't deal with ammonia packets under my nose, and I can't deal with sternum rubs, or other painful stimuli. No, I can't move. No, I won't pull away. Yes, I will feel it, and yes, when I come around, if I have had unpleasant things done I will be angry when I come out of the attack. Heck, I might even flail a bit. Be Warned.

This has been an informative post. Learn from it, so's the next time I end up in your ER it can be pleasant for all of us.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Laura said...

ER's can be a royal pain, and it sounds like you've had more than your fair share of them. Hope things go well and you get answers soon!!!