27 August 2008

Civic Duty

You know what I dislike very strongly? I dislike when people abuse handicap privileges, I really do.

When my mom and I were at OS today, the school officer came up to us as we were parking and asked to see my ID card that I got with the placard. Apparently because it was registration, people were too lazy to walk a few extra feet, so they had been parking in the handicap spaces. Now I didn't have my card on me, but I'd gone to OS for 2 years and so she knew me and my mom and all that.

While we were in the school, a mom noticed me in my wheelchair and asked if we had had a hard time finding parking. We said we hadn't, but that we had been asked by the SO if we had our tags and such. She said that was good, and then told us why she asked.

Apparently when she got there with her daughter, they hadn't been able to get handicap parking. Her daughter couldn't walk well, and needed to be close to the entrance. She had to get the SO to tell people to move because people were parked in spots, and they didn't even have tags.

Anyhoo, while my mom was getting the forms the lady and I continued talking. I was glad to inform her about SBW (more on that later.) She thanked me and said she'd let her daughter know.

As we were leaving, and got to the parking lot, a bright red car next to our truck caught my attention. Mostly because it was parked waaaaayyy to close to our truck. I had to squeeze to fit. I noticed the girls inside...all of them were talking and laughing, and not a one of them had anything wrong. Now I saw them walking out, I'm not just assuming that they were all fine...So I decided to do my duty as a good citizen and gently correct their slip up.

K, no, I was rude about it. They had already gotten in the car, so's as I was trying to get in mine, I glanced over at the driver to see if she was looking at me. She was. I glared at her.....a lot. I know, I know, not polite. But either is taking up handicap spots cause you're to lazy to walk.

Looking back, I feel kinda bad. A little. Yeah I'm bad.

Anyhoo, that's been my day in a nut shell.

Oh and I got to talk to Kris today. I love her, she's like, the best counselor ever. I seriously trust her with everything. She's so helpful to me, and days I have appointments with her I feel a lot happier.

Well, THAT'S it for now.


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