26 August 2008

Guess what?

School starts in about a week, and I am SOOOOO excited.

Yes, I still have to use the chair, but I don't think it will be near as big an issue as it was at Old School (OS.)

New School (NS) is huge! But I shall be getting a coveted elevator key and by needing an escort from class to class, hopefully I'll get to know some people very quickly.

I also found out that I'll be the only full time wheelchair-bound student, making me the "New girl in a wheelchair" but I can totally deal with that. I think.

Well, my hope is that by Christmas time I'll know what's truly wrong with me, be it CD or Cataplexy or full blown Narcolepsy, I don't care as long as it has a name.

Hmmm....I've also been told by my twin that I'll have to go to Homecoming. In a dress. In a wheelchair. I better learn how to dance in that thing lol.

Well, TTFN

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