29 August 2008

Thursday's lil adventure.

So. Yesterday was amazing!!

I got up at about 8 and got ready and all. At about 9 Ms. E came and got me. (Ms. E was a teacher of mine at OS, and she's like an auntie to me.) After we got my things situated in the car, we went back to Ms. E's house cause she had forgotten her tools.

We stopped at Starbucks, my treat. Then we headed to TJ. See, Ms. E used to work at OS, but they were stupid. So now she's working at TJ, which means her room needed to be unpacked, and organized, and put together in general.

So, the morning was spent building a *GRRRR* TV cart, and that took a few hours lol. FYI, rubber wheels make good rubber mallets. After that 'lil fun bit, I started unpacking boxes and organizing the cupboard while she built the overhead cart. While we were doing that, the teacher next door to her came over. Might I tell you that we had Sugarland blaring!! What, they're really good. He wanted to switch classrooms with.....

That's all I got cause I had an attack. And this is one of the many reasons I absolutly love Ms. E. Apparently the other teacher was all worried, and she was just like, "She's fine. Don't worry about it." Once they were done she came over and rolled me on my back and put a pillow under my head. Done. So easy, no fuss. I LOVE that.

So then we decided we should proly take a break and give me some time to wake back up a bit. We wandered from her portible to a bathroom. Some of those hills, whew. They had ramps, but they were still pretty steep. Or maybe I was just tired, and my arms are still weaklings. Lol.

Then, we went back, unpacked even more, and at about 2-3 we called it a day. Might I say her classroom actually looked like it could function. Except for the missing desk, and computer. lol.
After packing the car we went back to the Math Office, and she talked to a teacher for a few, and then we went and got lunch. And then the PO. And then Mrs. L's. And then gas. And then home.

But I had sooooo much fun! I don't get out without family near enough lol.

So that was Thursday. Fun stuff if you ask me. Today I have a doctor's appointment in Tacoma. So. I'll tell y'all how it went later.


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