29 August 2008

New medical news. *sigh*

So, back from the doctor's and dinner with the family.

At the doctor's we discussed medicine and such. The Prozac hasn't helped. So new meds, again. But I get a break from meds for two weeks! We have to give the Prozac time to start leaving my system before we start the new meds, to reduce risk of interactions. Ahhh...I don't know. I'm kinda blah right now. The new drug is an anti seizure/mood stabilizer, Lamictal. It'll take about 6 weeks to get to the dose the doctor wants to see me at, unless something goes wrong. I guess there is a risk of me developing a rash that could be deadly if we don't deal with it right away (yikes!) Other then that no serious side effects.

On Tuesday I go to see my pediatrician about the nail thing. I'll need blood drawn, so I hope the lab techs are good. I already have enough bruises on my arms and hands from last Friday, and I don't want to start school with a bunch of bruises lol. But...for now I just hope no more come off between now and then. If one does, Dr. H told me to save it (eww) in case they want to do lab tests.

Plus on Tuesday I'll be going to NS to talk to the nurse about what needs to happen (and not happen) during my attacks. I hope that goes well.

After my appointment we came back to the house and got my older sister. My twin is at her girlfriend's house. Then we went to this new noodle house a few blocks from home for dinner. It was soooo good. I had this noodle dish with vermicelli noodles, and beef. It also had grilled onion, steamed bell peppers, and cold chopped cucumber. VERY delicious.

Well....that's all for now. I plan on staying in my room most of the night. Maybe I'll go play with Boomer for a bit and then brush him...if he isn't being too much of an oaf.


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