30 August 2008

Getting ready for school....Only 4 more days!

I hate school shopping. I probably wouldn't hate it near as much if I weren't in the chair, but I am, so I do.

We went today. I got pretty much everything I needed. I'm sure once classes start I'll find I need a few things, but for now I have the basics, so I'm covered.

We're going shoe shopping tomorrow...I may or may not be getting a new pair. I don't really need one, cause my shoes never wear out anymore lol. But if I see some cute ones I might get a pair.

Dad needs to get a new bearing for my wheelchair...the right wheel is starting to wobble like it did on the old one. I probably won't get it until after school starts but it's no big deal.

Lol it's a miracle. Mom and Dad actually left the house! At night! And no one even forced them!!
Ha, they never go out anymore. They went to dinner at some friend's house. I'm glad they did. I personally think they need to start going on dates again....I think it would be good for them. Maybe once we get me figured out and the house business figured out they will.

Well....I don't know what else to write really.

Oh! I got my crayons today! All 48 boxes lol.

I don't think I've explained my plan yet....I got the idea for it after looking at some pics of me. In it I was looking through a coloring book, one I had gotten while I was in the hossy(hospital.) While I'm there, really the only thing I can do is read, watch TV, or color. So I brought the *plan* to my mom and she agreed on it. I'm going to get a ton of boxes of crayons *done. Then in November we'll get the coloring books, and I'll bring it all to Mary Bridge and donate it!

So...that's something I have to look forward to in the coming months.

Well, TTFN

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