29 July 2010

July Update thus far.

Social: The first week of July, siblings were gone on their summer vacations over the fourth, so Mom, Dad and I were at it alone. I stayed with some friends during the day for the week, so Mom and Dad could work. I really enjoyed the time away from the house, it felt good to get out. I've also stayed the night at N's last week, and we did some 2+ hours of exploring the water front. Her mom was on call and her dad was running on the water front, so was very close just *in case* but all went well and I had a blast!! I've also spent some time with Ms. E so that's been fun.

School: What school?? It's summer break =P
I did go get registered at FP, and am excited with the classes I'm signed up to take next year. No math or science, but I'll manage! Also, instead of trying to fight for a para without me being on an IEP, the school has agreed we'll see how Tessie does first. Now, she's not been in a school setting full time, but we expect her to do very well!! This is what we've been training her for, so!

Health: On July 1st, I had a fugue state and wandered a couple blocks from the house. Due to our good pre-planning of going to the fire station and introducing me, my condition, and Tess, the situation was handled well by the responding fire fighters. I was already alert when they got there, so they put me in the ambulance and took me home. Their only concern was my blood pressure, but I assured them it's not uncommon for it to rise, so they released me.

On July 8th, I had a second fugue state. Both days I was home with sisters, but had been sitting outside, and both were severely influenced by being in a new house and the heat.
Unfortunately, on the 8th, it was about 90 degrees out, and the asphalt was even hotter. When I collapsed, I landed on the roadside and got 2nd and 1st degree burns on my arms and legs. This time, I was taken to the hospital, and treated and let home. For the first time, no one had called my parents first, so it was a completely new experience. Not only was I at a new hospital, I had to deal with the nurses, admissions nurse, and all that alone. I called mom and dad as soon as I was allowed, and didn't DIE...but I'd rather never do it again lol.

I've been doing well still, and the few spots that got 2nd degree burns are coming along in healing. I also got a medical alert necklace that doubles as a USB, so I can store more detailed info on it.

Family: As I've said, siblings took off the first week of July, so Mom, Dad, and I finished cleaning the old house ourselves. We got it done and never have to go back!!
I liked the time just the three of us got to spend together, especially the time Mom and I got. I know we used to, and still do to a point, spend a lot of time together at doctor's visits, tests, and hossy stays, but it felt nice to go to garage sales, and shopping, and do "normal" mom and daughter things.

June Update

Social: Not much happened.

School: The end of school went well. I was able to finish a ceramics project for my teachers. I made 11 cups, glazed them in a deep blue on the outside and a golden yellow on the inside, then painted in gold on the outside of each one "SHS" with a paw-print. The cups were a hit, and everyone was excited to receive theirs. I had a lot of discussions with my teachers. All of them congratulated me on job well done this year, on keeping up my grades and staying focused despite the challenges I did face from the N/C. I'll really miss Stadium, but I'm glad that I had the time there I did.

Health: So, health-wise, things were finally more stable. The meds leveled out in my system which helped. I also started birth control to help level out my hormones before and after my period. I was having horrible symptom, anger; anxiety; and it wasn't helping with my episodes at all! Luckily, since I've been on it, I've not had the same emotional roller-coaster, not just the week before and during my period, but all month is better.

Family: We did get the house in Summit, so much of June was spent going from school, to packing at the old house, to going to paint at the new house after mom and dad got off work and during the weekends. It was very, very hectic. And towards the end of the month, Ash, Tori, and Bub had trips planned, so the very last bit of cleaning the old house was left to Mom, Dad and I. We got it done, with very few episodes on my part, as I would take time to sleep if I needed or cool down if I needed. The last week of June, we started living in the new house, OUR house, full time.

20 July 2010

May Update

Social: Prom was fantastic! I had a blast. Toward the end I had an episode, and had to go to the ER at the paramedic's requests. I was also, after prom, asked an amazing thing!
I was asked to write up "My Story" for a Starlight newsletter.
I was also asked to be a guest speaker at the Starlight Luncheon in October, both of which I said yes to. !!!!
I also got to go to a friend's house a few times and stay the night, which was cool for realizing I could handle my condition outside of home, without family around. We also got into the house in Summit and started packing.

School: School went well the first half of May, but it was complicated. I was out of my chair full time in all my classes, unless I deemed it a bad day, or my para was uneasy for whatever reason and I stayed in my chair. Still, my grades dropped because my meds stopped being effective at the dose I was on. I also had three bad episodes, which I'll go into more in health. I still kept my grades above C's in all but one class, my junior english class.

Health: Okay, so this sucked health-wise. I had to bump my meds up to 50mg because at 40, I started falling asleep in class towards the end of the day. With finals coming up, I needed as much class time as I could get. On May 8? I had an episode in Geo, just got too hot, and fell out of my desk. I landed on my left shoulder and bruised my collarbone. It took about a month to get over that, but all good now. Then, towards the end of the month, the 18th and 19th, I was in the middle of my med change.

The 18th, I went out to the water fountain outside 3rd period to fill my water bottle. I slipped on some water, scared myself, and hit my head when I went down. I was taken to the ER for a CT scan, and let go with just a goose-egg. I was taken to TG, because I'm no longer young enough for MB, so it was a bit new. But it went so well, we weren't concerned.

Then, the 19th, things were a bit more serious. I had a sub para, and the school nurse and her assistant were also out. Now, I'd worked with all 3 subs before, so I wasn't concerned for the day. However, after 3rd period, I was using the bathroom and had an episode. During the episode, I started having shallow breathing. This is something that's happened before, but the sub nurse apparently thought I stopped breathing, and said she couldn't feel my pulse. She began CPR. To restate, I DID NOT stop breathing. Fortunately(Un?) she wasn't pressing hard enough, and didn't break anything. When the paramedics got there, they put me on O2, ran an EKG, and weren't concerned, but took me to the ER to be checked, for obvious reasons. Things were a bit more hectic that visit, with multiple IV's started and more tests run, but things still went smoothly.

I also had a fugue state on the 24th, the Monday after. I was given Narcan when the paramedics were treating me because I was in a very deep episode, and my breathing was again shallow. Even though the responding medics knew me, they hadn't ever seen me so out. We think the seriousness of the episodes was due to med change/finals/moving stress.

Eventually though, my meds leveled out and things got back on track towards the end of May.