29 July 2010

June Update

Social: Not much happened.

School: The end of school went well. I was able to finish a ceramics project for my teachers. I made 11 cups, glazed them in a deep blue on the outside and a golden yellow on the inside, then painted in gold on the outside of each one "SHS" with a paw-print. The cups were a hit, and everyone was excited to receive theirs. I had a lot of discussions with my teachers. All of them congratulated me on job well done this year, on keeping up my grades and staying focused despite the challenges I did face from the N/C. I'll really miss Stadium, but I'm glad that I had the time there I did.

Health: So, health-wise, things were finally more stable. The meds leveled out in my system which helped. I also started birth control to help level out my hormones before and after my period. I was having horrible symptom, anger; anxiety; and it wasn't helping with my episodes at all! Luckily, since I've been on it, I've not had the same emotional roller-coaster, not just the week before and during my period, but all month is better.

Family: We did get the house in Summit, so much of June was spent going from school, to packing at the old house, to going to paint at the new house after mom and dad got off work and during the weekends. It was very, very hectic. And towards the end of the month, Ash, Tori, and Bub had trips planned, so the very last bit of cleaning the old house was left to Mom, Dad and I. We got it done, with very few episodes on my part, as I would take time to sleep if I needed or cool down if I needed. The last week of June, we started living in the new house, OUR house, full time.

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