14 March 2009

Greatest Fear #34 checked off the list

Yesterday. Friday the 13th. Was pretty full of good, albeit different-than-expected, things.

First off, the house was supposed to be sold at auction and we would have had to move. But, the auction was postponed for a month, so we have another month in the house.

Then, Tori and I walked (no chair) to the store for lunch foods, because we didn't have anything without meat in it. But, I had an attack IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! *sigh*
It's good though, because Dad was only two minutes away with my chair, and the fire fighters also decided that then would be a good time to get lunch food, so they were right there too. They helped my dad get me in my chair, and then Dad and Tori brought me into the parking lot. Once I woke up, Tori and I went in to get lunch stuffs, and saw the fire fighters inside and talked to them for a few.

Then, after being completely embarrassed by the fire fighters and store employees, Tori and I gave Dad the groceries and walked home. Why not just ride in the car? Because I still wanted to get some fresh air and it was beautiful out....attacks don't much slow me down anymore.

As we were walking home the fire fighters drove by and let off the air horn on the rig. It was funny =D

Then....the day got bad towards night, 'cause I had a bad seizure, one that either involved my entire body during it, or I tensed up afterward when I was still out of it and pulled a few muscles. Either way I'm sore from it and the 'bad' seizures are happening more frequently.

SO yeah. But today Mom, Ash and I are going shopping to get Ashy's dress for Starlight Prom and shoes and other stuff for both of us. It shall be fun.


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