20 March 2009

The downside of it all

So...I had an attack yesterday. A seizure too which is in my book good, but back to the attack.

It happened around...7-ish?

I was told that where my mom found me, it was almost guaranteed I had hit my head. And, I hit my head. HARD. Hard enough to cause an abnormal wake up for me after the attack.....continued slurred speech, MASSIVE headache, uncooperative, aggressive, VERY sleepy.

None of that is 'normal' for after an attack, not past 5-10 minutes. And I guess I was that way for a long while. I'm not a small girl, and so my parents were not able to get me in the truck without me helping, so they called 911. The fire fighters and medics evaluated me, and I was transported to the ER. Then one of the doctors had the lovely task (read-their job) of trying to "wake me up"

The problem I have is that I'm not ever unconscious, I just can not move. Not, don't want to move, I CAN NOT move...

So. It was a rough night. When I was finally able to come out of the attack enough for them to know I wasn't suffering major brain injury, just a mild concussion, then home we went. SO.

I get my EEG off today.



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