02 April 2009

News from Children's

Today was my appointment with Children's Hospital in Seattle.

Well....it went.

I had an attack as I was being weighed and my height checked. Mom and Dad said the nurse kinda freaked out. I feel sucky for that. Especially because I can't control it. I had a harder time coming around, mostly because I was afraid.

Once all that was over, (I went out a few more times in my chair) I saw the doc. Mostly we just reviewed everything. Then he referred us to a sleep doctor within the system which was AWESOME. Cataplexy is a SLEEP DISORDER. I've seen 6 neurologists at Mary Bridge and although a sleep specialist has been discussed, no one has actually referred us. So this is good.

So. AND, I just got an email from Summit, which is an assistance dog organization in Washington State, so it might be a good option for us!



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