20 April 2009

Sleep Study

So I just got back from my sleep study. And even though I had interwebs, I was on my mom's laptop and didn't want to log into too much random stuff so I didn't come on here.

It seems to have gone well in the sense that I didn't sleep solidly through the night and I managed to fall asleep at every nap opportunity, which are both positive indicators of Narcolepsy.

So, good, bad, whatever you want to call it.

And during my last nap while Mom was bringing stuff down to the car, she met this lady in the elevator.
So Lady had two Italian Greyhounds and two little children. One was Autistic, the other had a dog as a companion animal for an undisclosed reason. Since we've been trying to find SOMEONE who will help us get a service dog, even trained just to stay with me during an episode for comfort and pick up things while I'm in my chair, Mom inquired as to where Lady got the dogs. The Lady informed Mom that she herself had trained them, and had trained multiple other service dogs in the past.

Well, so that was cool. Even cooler was the Lady's understanding of the difficulty finding an affordable organization that ALSO provides the services you need AND will work in your age group. So she being the angel she was, she dug a notepad out of her purse, gave my mom her name and number, and told mom that when we were ready to train, to contact her.
She is willing to help us train our own service dog. Of course we'll pay her, but I doubt the fees will be $15,000 plus travel, room, and food. And yearly checkups, and and and.

So. Yes, good day indeed. I even have a cup of coffee. This day just keeps getting better!


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