08 April 2009

Paralyzed from the neck down

*Edit- This post is not about living as a quadriplegic (paralysis from the neck down.) This post is about a severe episode of Cataplexy (temporary paralysis in response to emotion)that I experienced. If you are looking for information on quadriplegia or paraplegia, I suggest this site.* Read on for information about my experience with a severe Cataplectic episode.

Well, that was an interesting last.....9 hours.

I got out of the ER not too long ago, after spending the day there.

Around 7:25 this morning, I started slipping into an attack. And, I could feel it happening....my legs gave out, I called for the nurse, then everything but my eyes were too weak for me to move. I don't know how long I lay there trying to talk with my eyes before my brother got there, then my mom came too. They were able to get me in my chair, and then once they got me outside, they resorted to calling 911 so the fire fighters could transport me.

I couldn't do ANYTHING. I was trying and I couldn't move. It was completely terrifying.

The fire fighters got me into the van, and my mom and Tori took me to the ER. I was having a hard time breathing/swallowing. When we got there I was put on a gurney, full monitors (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse Ox, CO2) and oxygen, and put in a room.

The next...5 hours? were spent trying to communicate by blinking, which by the way is VERY frustrating. Plus dealing with things being done without me being able to move at all.

Then over the last 4 hours I gradually got back muscle tone in my mouth, then arms, then finally legs. But it was long, and very frustrating, and very terrifying.

Now I'm home....no school tomorrow, in fact, I don't know when I'll be going back to school. I need to get my attacks under control...I don't know.

So. I'm going to rest and sleep and nap then rest some more =)


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