07 January 2010

School Update

Hi there.

I'm doing better in school, sort of.

Independent Study Geometry:
I have P (Pass.)
I'm on track for next semester, when I'll join a regular class.

Junior English:
My current grade is an E, because I haven't turned in an essay yet. It's done, but not in yet.
Otherwise, it would be a B or maybe A?

Medical Careers:
I have an A-, and once some more work is in, it'll be a solid A.

US History:
It's currently at an E, but I'm working on getting it to at least a C by semester.

I HAVE A C!!!! SO excited. Mostly because before Christmas Break, it was an E (not even CLOSE to passing.) AND, I have two more assignments to turn in, one of which is really combined assignment.

Sophomore English:
I have an E in this class as well. I need to have a discussion with my teacher to see what I need to do to just pass. I'm trying really hard to get caught up, but I need to know what all will be required.

All in all I'm doing better in the classes I wanted to get caught up in. Plus, I've made it to all my classes, unless I'm sick, like, normal person sick. Which is how I am right now.

And...I'm working toward getting out of my chair at school, which is exciting.

That's all for now.


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