02 September 2008

Be at the end of the driveway at 6:37

Yay!!! OMG I so love NS. I'm so excited!! (can ya tell)

First things first though.

I saw Dr. S today. Might I say he's one of the only doctors that has refused to give up on finding out what is truly wrong with me. We had to wait a bit to see him today, like, an hour lol. But when he got there he was like...."Okay. Let me see." So I showed him my toes and finger, and he was like "We need to get this figured out." So, an appointment with a Cardiologist is first. Dr. S ordered an echo cardiogram, so once I know when that's happening I'll feel a little better. He also said if we get no results, he's getting us to Children's in Seattle. I'm just so glad he's my doctor.

While we were there he also ordered blood tests. I hate needles. Yes, I've had a million IVs and had blood drawn a ton of times. I hate needles. Basically I had an attack while the tech was drawing my blood...and I guess she freaked out a bit. But all I know is I woke up before she was done and like....Mom had her arms wrapped around me so I wouldn't move and the tech was pinning my arm to the chair. Kinda freaky.

So after that, we went home. And I had coffee. A really, really big cup of coffee.

Then after lunch and some hilarious You Tube videos, we left to get to NS to finish registration. First we went to Mr. C. After he got everything sorted out, we went to the counselors office to get classes. I'm taking a mix of 9th and 10th and 11th grade classes.

My shedual.
1st Period: Health 2
2nd Period: Freshman English
3rd Period: Biology
4th Period: World Cultures
5th Period: Geometry
6th Period: Medical Careers

I happy!!

Not much else to do today. I'm gonna go to the Library to drop off/pick up a few books, then shower then SPLAT!

Pretty much.

Tomorrow I tell how my first day went!!


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Laura said...

Hi, kiddo! :)

Thanks for sticking by me in my ups and downs on my blog!! You're a cool chick!

Hope they figure out your medical issues soon. Stay positive and hang in there!! It sounds like you had a blast at NS and I think you will have a great year!