21 September 2008

I <3 Ms. E. Starbucks was just a Bonus.

I got to go to Starbucks and meet Ms. E, with no family. Which is always an extra special treat.

I felt kinda upset as I was talking to her, because I kept forgetting what I was trying to say. I know it may be normal, to a degree, to forget what you're going to say. But the frequency and level of forgetfulness on my part is starting to worry me. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought on Thursday?

Anyways, we talked about a lot of stuff, one subject being how much I still feel the need to get away for a bit without family. She brought up a few Leadership Camps. One is in October in Mt. Hood, and another is in May in...Mt. Vernon? Anyways, she'll be working both of them, and she told my mom and I that if I want to come, and we're able to afford it, she would be more than happy to take me to the camps and look out for me while we are there.

The one in October is a maybe, but the one in May is almost a definite. I'm excited!!!

She also said that next weekend we could go to South Center. I <3 her!

(Ms. E I know you read this. So you get a great big cyber hug. **HUGS**)


In other news.....I have doctors appointments on Wednesday. One with Dr. S in the morning and one with Kris in the afternoon. So no school, although I might pop in before school to make up a few Biology assignments.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy school day according to what we talked about with Ms. Erickson on Friday. I think I'm going to be meeting my Para and I may have a few other things happening, like getting my home set of books and such.

Oh, I moved my birdies into the kitchen for the winter. It'll be too cold in my room for them, cause I keep my room really cold, and they'll get sick. Now I have a big empty quiet space in the corner of my room =( But they seem happy, and they like the warmth =)

So, I think I'm gonna go do laundry!!
ha ha



Vicki said...

I found you blog tonight while linking from one blog to the next. I really like your writing style and think you have a great sense of humor.
Take care~~

Life on Pause said...

Thanks Vicki. Stick around, it can only go up from here!