27 September 2008

South Center Adventure

Today was, as the title says, an adventure.

I got up and did the kitchen, and then at about 11:30 Ms. E and M came and got me and we headed to South Center. We stopped and got lunch from Wendy's on the way.

Once we got to South Center, we parked in the parking garage and headed in through Border's. I saw an awesome calender I think Ash would love for Christmas. After Border's, I think we just wandered. We went in a couple toy stores, petted some stuffies....Oh. One of the stores we went in had Breyers and I don't think mom has quite a few of them. I smell another Christmas present!!

Then.....Um, I think we went to a store called The Body Shop. It smelled...fruity.

Then....we looked for Build-a-Bear, but it's actually in the Tacoma Mall, so we headed out.

We got up to the parking garage, and as I was getting in the car I guess I went out. Ms. E said I went out at about 2, and after 15-20 min she called my parents. But then security called 911. I guess the fire fighters were really nice....which is odd if they don't know me. Hey I'm not complaining. It's one of the few times I've come home without intentional bruises sooo.

They just helped Dad get me in the car and we went home! I started waking up on the way...I swear the truck was like...30 degrees Fahrenheit. They had cranked the AC all the way up.

When we got home I took some Tylenol, called Ms. E, then slept for a few hours.

Now here I am. Still having bad days....I wonder how school is gonna go this week...


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Laura said...

Best of luck in school this week, kiddo!! It sounds like things in your neck of the woods have been as difficult as mine! Thank you for your positivity and your continued support in my struggles.

You hang in there, too. Keep searching for the answer and have faith. I know it sounds cliche, but it's the best I've got!

:o) Laura