17 September 2008

*Cough Cough*

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few days..I've been trying to rest. I can't believe it's only Wednesday...

Well, I started getting this cough on Tuesday, and now it's beating me up. I would LOVE to stay home again tomorrow, but I don't think Brandon is staying home, so I can't either. Tomorrow is gonna be rough.

I've been taking the Lamictal since Friday, and I've been getting dizzy, just like the doc said I would. Plus I'm really exhausted. I hope we get this figured out.

School is going...yeah, it's just going. I'm not sure how I'll hold up, not if it stays this rough. I've been constantly playing catch up. Since Day 1 I've been playing catch up.

Oh...I went with Brandon and Cece to go get Cece's niece a B-Day present today. We went to the mall. And I tried on this adorable dress at DEB. It was only 50 dollars. It was black/white, knee length, and uber comfortable. Ash wants me to go to Homecoming with her, but I don't know yet....we'll see.

Well...I know this post doesn't string together too well, I just wanted to get some info down for my few readers. And me....I proly won't remember this all tomorrow.


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