29 September 2009

Down I go

Today, this morning actually, I had an attack while walking down the stairs. I hit my hand pretty hard, and twisted my back. I'm in a bit of pain right now =P


And I know I haven't posted in a while, nearly a week this time. I just haven't had the motivation or energy. I'm still getting caught up from missing 9 days recently.

Anyways, I've found out that I won't need to go off my medication for Stanford, because they aren't doing a sleep study. I just have to have the lumbar puncture done.

We'll be down there for like...3 days? Maybe a few more.

So yeah.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, kiddo! Have not been around for a while, but did not fall off the face of the earth! Not back blogging yet (abandoned my old blog), but am catchin up on things....