09 September 2009


OMG. I've been OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Narcolepsy w/Cataplexy!!!

SO exciting!

So. My appointment with Dr. H went well, as you can see. He also agreed to the dose increase, I now have 15's and no more cutting to size needed. And he said something cool.

He did a paper a long while ago. In it, they studied kids who presented with full blown narcolepsy. Looking into their history, it showed that they didn't have symptoms present typical or all at once, like most doctors think it should. He said that the study concluded that kids who develop narcolepsy generally experience spotty symptoms, or the symptoms come and go at first.

So then he said that he doesn't feel that my symptoms are that uncommon in how they're presenting.

Okay. SO I'm excited.

And one thing I've been worrying about lately is the fact that when I'm 18, I'm no longer considered Pediatric with MB. But he said that because I'm already a patient, that he can continue seeing me until I turn 21. So that's one less stress.

Yay. My day is going so well, and I haven't even seen Kris yet =)

More later,


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Blake said...

YAY! I am so glad that things are *finally* turning around as far as consistent medical care and diagnosis!!!!!